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How to Properly Hold an Audition?


You need to be able to have proper auction for getting potential cast member. Even if you know that an actor is talented and experienced, you should still need to audition him. The audition process isn’t only intended to know about the capability and personality of an actor, you will also be able to establish early relationships. If you have seen the actor in a number of films, you should have a good sense of how the actor performs in front of the camera. When auditioning a potential actor should have scheduled appointments, which are acceptable for both experienced and new actors. For the position of extras, you should use the open call method. It means that dozens of potential actors may drop in at specific spot. Before starting the audition, you need to make sure to get the word out. You should have an idea of things that you are looking for. You should have clear description of each character, so participants know what to expect. There are some psychological and physical traits that need to be met by the actor.

As an example, you need to identify the characters in terms of ethnicity, gender, age, general look and others. This information should tell us what kind of actors who we are looking for. For film projects with limited budget, you need to use clear and succinct messages in the ads to ensure that you are able to save money, while getting the actor you want. You should know about the visible demeanours of the actors, to make sure that they are truly appropriate. Before starting an audition, it is important that you publish your contact information. You should make sure that everything properly organized. There should be a special email address for dealing with the audition process. You may also need to rent a separate postal mailbox for the same process. Everything related to the auditioning process will cost you some amount of money. So, the audition process should be included in your overall film budget. The local community may have an actor’s hotline and theatre newsletter, these are ideal places to place your advertising messages.

There should be a classified section in local newspaper for musicians and actors. By placing the ad in the “Help Wanted” section, it is likely that you will eventually get plenty of calls. The bulletin boards of the community theatres, college theatre departments and other acting-related places should also be idea for this purpose. You may need to put multiple fliers in the bulletin boards, because some people simply take the flier, instead of writing the information down on their notes. Before starting the audition process, you need to ensure that the participant has carried their headshots and resumes. After you have prepared everything, you should be able to go head. It is a good idea to ask potential actors to send their resumes, headshots and other required documents to your mailing address. This is an important thing.

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