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Things You Should Know About Golf Balls


Golf balls are essential in any golfing session. They are the produced from years of researches and golfing traditions. Based on International standards, a golf ball shouldn’t weigh more than 45.93 grams or nearly two ounces. The diameter shouldn’t exceed 42.67mm or 1.68 inches. The shape should be symmetrical sphere. Golf balls are accredited by two organizations, the United States Golf Association and Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. If golf balls don’t pass the standards and tests by these bodies, they can’t be used in any golfing association. Because golfing performance is determined by the ball quality, the standards are quite strict.

Regardless of how consistent your playing skill is, you won’t get satisfactory results if your golf balls have varying quality and dimensions. Even if you hit it right, it may swerve to the wrong direction. Golf ball may spell the success or failure of a game. If the ball quality is poor enough, it could be impossible for you to achieve par most of the time. So, other than the characteristics of wind and terrain, you should also make sure that your balls have proper quality. The impact between the ball and the head of the club lasts for just a millisecond. This is a crucial moment to determine how the ball performs.

When the shape isn’t symmetrical, it’s possible that the ball will be launched at a wrong angle. So, it will be quite difficult to determine the final location. There are main aerodynamic forces that act on golf ball: Lift that pushes the ball through the trajectory and drag that keeps the ball from moving. In essence, minimum drag will increase the control of the ball. If the drag is too high, the ball will have abnormal trajectory and the golfer will need to use excessive strength, which could cause pain or injuries. In order to reduce drags, dimples are distributed on the surface of the ball. If balls don’t have dimples, wake turbulence can be quite high.

Also, dimples also make the ball to backspin, which will alter the flow of the air and increase the lift. If the ball backspin more, the ball will fly higher and travel longer in the air. You should know that after repeated use, grime and dust will accumulate inside dimples, so make sure to wash these balls frequently. Clean golf ball with cleared out dimples will perform better. A golf ball may have anywhere between 300 and 500 dimples. Balls with 333 dimples are often used in championships. If a golfer seems to make more bad shots than usual, the culprit can be the ball. So, if you seem to have repeated mediocre or bad shots, get a fresh, clean ball to see whether your drives improve.

Before buying a golf ball, make sure that you choose the right brand. Inquire the local store and ask other golfers about the most reliable balls. There are many balls available out there. So, you need to consult with experts about the best brand for you. Before you tee off, inspect all your balls and clean them, so they will be free of grime and dust.

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