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Top 10 Tips to Play Golf in Winter

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When thinking of snow in terms of your favorite golf game, one of the things that come to mind is how you can play the game in the snow. Are you a die-hard golfer? Then, don’t let layers of snow during the winter months stop you from enjoying your favorite game. 

Can you play golf in the snow? Definitely! Just as some professionals use winter to practice and improve, you as an amateur could also boost your beginner golf swing, despite the weather. 

During the winter offseason, most players could be chilling out in their warm homes, not much concerned about how to improve their game in winter. The weather conditions during winter are definitely not going to be in your favor. What’s interesting is that you could use this to your advantage. 

The key is to keep warm and keep your golf equipment equally warm as well. While it’s true that the game is best played during the warm weather, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pack up your golf clubs and sit the bad weather out. At the best of times, golf could be tough enough, but winter could make it even more challenging. 

If you’re one of the golf lovers who continue playing even on winter greens, then golf lessons in Orlando could give you great golf survival tips for you to stay on top of your game even during the cold winter months.  

Ten Tips to Golf Playing in Winter

1. More Club

In the cold, your ball won’t go as far. You may need to hit 1-2 clubs more, thus a 5 iron rather than a 7 iron on each shot, but you can be sure to get to the hole at least. Since the reach of the ball won’t be as far, considering playing one tee up than your normal length. A fast round would get you back to the fireplace much sooner. 

For winter golf, use your lower clubs, since they’re more preferred in winter. a 7-iron is recommended by experts to improve your golf game in the snow. 

2. Wear Proper Clothing

To practice golf in bad weather, the key is to wear proper and protective clothes. You should wear several layers of clothing, like a sweater, long-sleeved thermal shirt, thermal underwear, and a light-weight windbreaker. Also, keep your head warm by wearing thick headgear or a good winter hat. 

However, don’t wear too much so as not to sacrifice your swing. Your head cover could be anything that covers your ear lobes or those with sewn-in ear-flaps. All those layers of clothes could prevent you from making a complete turn during the game, but this is expected of course. 

When you look at the bright side, this could prevent miss-hits that result from over swinging. 

3. Keep on Walking

If you can, opt to walk instead of using a cart or buggy. You’d be surprised how much walking would warm you up. Also, you will also stay looser and your swing will not suffer a lot. 

Most courses are only cart paths, thus walking should save you time rather than driving to your ball. Walking makes it easier to find your ball. 

4. Two Balls

Warm balls fly high, but cold golf balls won’t fly as much, that’s why you need two balls. Each can be used on alternate holes and you keep the other one as warm as possible inside your pocket. 

Moreover, alternating golf balls would keep them warm through your winter round. Keep in mind that a couple of golf balls are always better than one. 

5. Have the Right Equipment

Purchase some winter wheels since they pick up less mud, which makes them easier to move, as well as they won’t cause a lot of damage to the ground. Though of course, walking, as mentioned earlier is much preferable. Consider using a yellow ball because they’re much easier to spot and today there are some premium yellow model balls. 

Add a loft to the driver. When the ground is soft and boggy, your ball simply will not roll as much. When you add loft to your driver, you’ll add more distance. A good-sized umbrella ensures that you stay dry and protect your bag when taking your shot. 

6. Softer Balls

Some golf balls are softer than others and during the cold weather, you would want a ball that’s easier to compress. A tough rock ball such as a Top Flite XL would feel like a steel ball during a cold day, thus opt for a softer one. A softer ball easily compresses during the cold weather.

A software ball could go longer during the winter. The ideal choice would be to choose one that’s in the same line as your gamer, providing you the benefits of lower compression rating, yet not sacrificing as much in other areas of performance. 

7. Warm Hands

Invest in a few proper winter gloves. They should be suitable for golf. Keeping your hands dry and warm while keeping a good grip is vital. 

Gloves, first and foremost are an essential part of your attire since it would keep you warm. Second, it would help you greatly with the right golf club grip. Invariably, this would boost your swing while you’re still out in the cold. 

8. Stay Hydrated

A lot of people substitute energy drinks and water with hot chocolate and coffee during the cold weather, and their game suffers. Your body needs hydration and nutrients, particularly during the winter, and coffee simply doesn’t cut it. Get your hot chocolate, but never forget to drink an energy drink or water on every hole to properly stay hydrated. 

9. Smart Spotting

Often, during the winter the sun is quite low and following your ball’s flight could be tricky. From the moment your ball takes off to when it reaches the heart of the sun, keep tabs on it. Rather than continuing to follow it, and then losing it, focus your attention on the spot where you think it would land.

10. Realistic Expectations

When playing golf in winter, one key thing to keep in mind is to be realistic. It’s a fact that golfers don’t play in the same way during the cold weather in the same way they do during summer. For the big majority of people, your scoring average would slightly increase for several reasons. 

Regardless, it’s important to have fun, and don’t forget the reason why you’re dragging yourself out onto the course—because you love golf. Playing through the winter months, after all, would do wonders for your game. 

Key Takeaways

The major advantages of playing golf during winter are empty fairways and the fact that you’d be in shape when the season begins.

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