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Why You Should Participate in Golf Cruises?


Every golfer dreams about golfing on great courses around the world. It would be great to do golfing at five different 18-hole courses on different places in just one week. Golfing can be integrated with your vacation experience. Golf enthusiasts are looking to combine golfing with cruising to make an ultimate vacation. In various ports of call, you may find different popular golf courses. Some cruise ships have golf-related training and entertainments, such as mini-golf, golf cages, video instructions and various high tech interactions to practice your golf ability, while at the sea. You can choose to bring your own clubs or rent quality ones from the ships.

Once you reach the port, the cruise ship company should already reserve tee times for you, as well as transportation from and to the courses. Everything should be arranged as you arrive at the course and you don’t need to lug your golf clubs around. Your golf vacation should include everything, such as all meals onboard and accommodations, if you stay in the course for more than one day. The cruise ship may include all services and amenities, including fitness center, full spa, 24/7 buffer restaurant and other entertainment facilities. If you take a spouse or other family members, you can make sure that they will be well entertained. When choosing golf cruise offers, you need to make sure that it’s more than just golf. There should be optional shore excursions and various on board activities that are exciting even for non-golfers. They may explore the culture and nature of the new places.

There are many exotic and impressive golf courses in Hawaii, Europe, Australia, Central America, the Caribbean and others. Carnival and Holland America are cruise lines that include golfing. Seabourn and Silversea offer escorted signature golf cruises. As an example, Silversea is so comprehensive that you can play in 35 world-class courses in 16 different islands and countries. The Golf Bermuda program from the Norwegian Cruise Line offers golf-loving guests plenty of opportunities to enjoy various courses in Bermuda, which has more golf courses per square mile than any place around the world. The Crystal Cruise has also improved its golf-themed offering, allowing guests to enjoy 12-day golfing excursions in the Mediterranean and Canary Islands.

Think of getting something more exotic? You may enjoy playing at various golf courses in Australia and then see incredible sights and culture of the South East Asia. Golfing plans that cover St. Andrews and Europe should be a good choose for you. In typical Crystal cruises, you can have a qualified PGA pro golfer that offers classes and other forms of training. On board the cruise ships, you may also find putting green and driving range nets, as well as ample supply of balls and practice clubs. By the time you arrive at the first course, you should already improve in terms of accuracy and hitting distance. The bottom line is, these cruises could provide you the most value for golfing excursions, because you can visit dozens of them with a single trip.

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