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How Golf Courses Can Attract More Female Golfers?


It’s a reality that women are still the minority in golf courses. The ratio could be better today, but providing special services for women is still an oversight in many golf courses. Golf is historically male-dominated and many women need to adapt in the environment. One of the common problems is that there are no decently sized tee boxes for women. When you are playing forward tees, you may notice that they can be quite tiny. Often, they are not in a good shape compared to the back tees. Also, tee markers may not be aimed properly at the fairway. The forward tees always matter to many golfers, male and female. So, they shouldn’t be considered as an afterthought. Forward tees should be well maintained so more female players will be willing to play it forward.

Female golfers will feel being more welcomed if they find their locker room well stocked with sunscreen, snacks and various niceties. It may not be necessary, but these little things will show that you as the golf course management as being considerate. The golf course should also have reasonable yardage at around 5,000 yards. Many golf courses are about 6,500 yards, while acceptable, but it’s still a bit of length for many female golfers. Shorter-middle yardage is often ideal for many average female golfers. Designers should take the time to properly map out the course to find a good compromise. Another to consider is that par 3’s makes sense. Long par 3’s may be challenging for male golfers, but it could be troublesome for some women.

Very long par 3’s can be a bit too tough for shorter hitters and for many golfers, it could be equal to a typical par 4 hole. This won’t be good in their scorecard.   Instead of making the par 3 hole longer, you need to be creative to make it more challenging. Par 3’s should be playable for players with different characteristics, including some female players to make the whole experience more enjoyable. During an emergency, men can make any hidden part of the golf course an unofficial bathroom. But it’s not something that’s easy to do for women. Golf courses should provide four or more bathrooms for both genders, evenly distributed among the holes. Female golfers will take notice and appreciate this.

The number of female golfers around the world is growing and they represent potential customers, which is good for business. Unfortunately, not all courses make it obvious that women are welcomed. Golf course management should invest enough time, money and thought to make their golf courses comfortable not only for men, but also women. Women will come if they feel that they are being considered and wanted. It shouldn’t be hard to make a golf course more appealing to women. The management should look for ways to enhance the experience of female golfers who are playing in their courses. With just a little consideration, golf courses can boost their revenue by attracting more female golfers.

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