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TOP 7 Reasons Why Having Pets Is Good For Your Health


Do you have a cat or a dog? What a big pleasure to pet them! Sometimes you don’t want to leave your lovely dog at home and take them for traveling. It’s ok if you are planning to have a road trip. Enterprise at Ronald Reagan airport as well as any other big airport in America gives you a big choice of comfortable SUVs for traveling with pets. Why SUVs? This is a kind of car where you have enough space for your pets and luggage. Also, they are well conditioned and specially equipped to separate a driver’s seat and a dog’s place. Of course, your pet feels really excited about your co-vacation. What about you?

There is always a sense to travel with pets! It is said that spending time with pets influences you positively. It is beneficial to your mood, health, and wellbeing. Modern people are always busy with their work and life. They are often in stress and depression. Sometimes, it is needed some time to relax and relieve stress. Our pets help to relieve difficult situations. It is not a secret that pets make you feel good. Here are how they make a real impact on your mental and physical condition.

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  1. Keep you active

Your pets can help you to be more active. Of course, you have to go out with your dog and walk several times a day. This makes you active and healthier. You walk fast, run, play games, and feel great at that! Keep it up!

  1. Lower cholesterol

Daily walks with your dog are very helpful. It is scientifically approved that people who own pets and walk them every day, especially men, tend to have lower cholesterol levels.

  1. Relieve stress

Spending time with your cat or dog can be very soothing. How? Cortisone is a kind of hormone that is produced by our organism when you are in stress. When you pet your dog or cat or even just look at their sweet snouts, you feel happier. What does it mean? Your pets are able to lower the cortisone level. Speaking about veterans and post-traumatic patients, dogs really help them to recover and relieve stress fast.

  1. Relieve depression

Also, dogs help people to relieve depression. This method to lowers stress and depression is widely promoted by scientists. Factually, you pet is a new focus you have to think about instead of your negative thoughts. Playing with pets, you take their unconditional love and acceptance, and much attention.

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  1. Help allergists

Have you ever heard something like that: I can’t have a dog because I’m afraid of allergy? In spite of this, petting a dog or a cat helps to boost immune system for fight against different allergens. Of course, it is better to prove through the example of kids. Scientists conclude that kids, who live with cats or dogs starting on day one, have no chances to suffer from allergy in future.

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  1. Cordial help

You can find much information about how pets can help you cordially. Cats and dogs lower your blood pressure. Hypertension is not a problem for you anymore when you please your fur ball every day. Also, they lower cholesterol level. According to this, petting your animals you can easily avoid cardiac risks. Of course, you are becoming happier, healthier. Owning a dog can reduce your risk of a heart attack by 11%, death by 33%.

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  1. Communicative skills

What about friendly atmosphere? Home animals, like a cat, a dog, or whatever you have, can help you to be socially active and always positive. It is really easy to make friends when you are walking with your dog. Where do you usually go to play with your pets? Do you go to the park? Walking there, you communicate with other dog owners, share your problems, help or ask for help. It’s naturally to communicate with people with common interests.

Also, pets can help people who suffer from different brain diseases like Alzheimer disease to make nice with others. There are special dog owing programs for Alzheimer patients that teach people how to own a dog-companion, pet a dog, and feed animals. Speaking about kids who have communicative problems, there are special programs how to recover them fast by communicative with dogs, horses, dolphins.

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Petting dogs and cats is even more pleasant that you might think. They give you more health and enjoyment than bottles of pills. If you have cordial or pressure problems, if you can hardly communicate to others or suffer from allergies, you should try to owe a dog. Feed them, play, please and repeat. They give you much fun and love in return. Besides, it is not a problem to take your dog to the restaurant of cafe to talk with friends or hire a good car and go to the seaside at the end of the week. The world is becoming pet friendly now.

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