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Is Your Medical Practice Losing Revenue Due to Inefficient Revenue Cycle Management?


By the time we get to modern times, standards and automation have become an integral part of enterprise life. From Henry Ford’s automotive assembly lines in WWI all the way up through computerization today with ICD-10 codes being used as universal descriptions for diagnosing patients – you can see how much things change over time!

In the healing arts, there is a lot of documentation to generate and save. This information needs for each patient’s medical records as well as what staff uses when supporting insurance providers with billing details in order not only heal but also financially sustain their practice.

Medical practitioners and healthcare service providers are masters at generating revenue from their enterprise business. RCM or Revenue Cycle Management is the process of tracking records, patient care history, registration etc for generating more money in billing time as well as final payment when you’re finally paid.

RCM is typically inefficient and costly to maintain, but there are some things that can be done to keep your revenue grow without the hassle. Healthcare providers, in particular, should take advantage of these services as they help medical practitioners maximize profits while avoiding headaches from paperwork nightmares or other complications associated with complicated insurance regulations.

This complete guide to medical billing services helps them to understand the concept of revenue cycle management and how to eliminate the inefficiencies of RCM in order to avoid revenue loss.

Educate & Train Your Staff

Inaccurate coding can cost your practice tens of thousands, and no company ever wants to lose that much money. That’s why it’s important for the staff members at every level – from receptionists all way up through CEOs-to be trained about what their role entails within revenue cycle management (RCM).

This system works kind like an assembly line: Every member does his or her job efficiently enough so they know where on this chain things go next when someone else takes over; everyone passes off responsibility cheerfully.

Technology is allowing practices to grow and prosper in ways that they never have before. Card scanners, revenue cycle management systems (RCM), as well other tools are essential for today’s practice manager who wants their office stay competitive with others around town or countrywide – but there’s one more thing you need: proper training!

If staff members don’t understand what information needs input into the software properly then errors can occur which could lead not only back-ups of important data like patient records; this also leaves room open during bad weather hours when people might want see a doctor quicker than usual because he/she has an emergency come up outside normal operating hours.

Incorporate Revenue Management Software

This complete guide to medical billing services can’t be complete without specifying about revenue management software. Some generic business applications are great for general use, but they don’t offer the specific features that medical businesses need.

Installing Revenue Cycle Management software developed specifically for your industry will allow you to do invoices and billing in an easier way with all of this information at hand.

Check out some of the key features that a Revenue Cycle Management software must have to prevent your medical billing company from revenue loss:

Detecting Patient’s Eligibility

The RCM software allows you to quickly and accurately determine if a patient qualifies for insurance. With an automated eligibility check, the time your clients enter their appointment is reduced from 15 minutes down to just seconds!

The detection of this process also helps with any mistakes made by employees who may be falsely denying claims against them or overlooking legitimate ones- all thanks in part because it’s now possible through our innovative technology that will never miss anyone’s needs again.

Detecting Claims through RCM App

The RCM app is your key to the top-rated healthcare services in America. No matter what type of claim you want covered, this resource will point out where it’s best found and how much value each option offers.

No Mistakes in Claims

Errors and omissions in claim submissions can cause a significant delay to the revenue flows. With an RCM application, staff will be alerted when they make mistakes so it is easy for them correct these errors quickly before resubmission.

Prepare KPI Reports

Your clients are your top priority, and that means you need to have all the right information at hand. A dedicated RCM application can help with key performance indicator (KPIs) reports for weekly meetings so they’re always in-depth enough without being overwhelming or too detailed.

The customized templates make sure it’s easy – just click “GO!” So, all the medical billing companies must ensure the use of Revenue Cycle Management software (or app) to automate the processes.

Make Use of Cloud Computing to Avoid Data Hassles

If you have more than one office, or if your medical organization is decentralized and operates remotely with staff in many cities across a state (or even around the world!), then it’s essential that data centers are maintained for backup purposes.

You could reduce the hassles for yourself and simplify things by switching over to an RCM solution that’s based on cloud computing services like Software as a Service (SaaS). Sysadmins can connect all remote offices into one system, which gives them access quickly through any computer connected online–no matter where they are located geographically!

Maintain Consistency in Workflow

In order to improve revenue cycle management, practices need consistency in their workflow processes. For example by using tools that can streamline the process and give them a more organized work flow such as an Intake/Evaluation module which lets patients register for services or see if they’re eligible based on pre-existing conditions without having someone come out right away with no appointment necessary.


It’s time to stop the revenue leak through inefficient management of your medical practice’s billing and collection cycles. This complete guide to medical billing services related to improving revenue cycle management will help you a lot. And we hope that we’ve helped make sense of some confusing concepts around managing a successful medical billing company – and maybe even given you an idea or two about how to increase patient retention with more efficient services! Leave us your comments below and tell us whether any of these ideas resonated with you.



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