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What Are The Benefits Of Callisthenics


If you go to the gym, you have probably heard of callisthenics. You even might have tried it for a few weeks. 

Exercise has become very complex since our knowledge of the human body has become more advanced. Furthermore, there are many different exercises to become fitter and stronger. Callisthenics is one of those exercises and many people believe it is one of the best ways to get fit. 

Watch old-school movies and you will see they are using their body weight instead of weights. Old-school martial arts films such as Karate Kid will perform the standard sit-up and press-up. Now, that has all changed thanks to science. 

When you walk into a gym, the number of machines can be demoralising. Furthermore, a lot of those machines work different muscles. Some would argue there are too many machines to use. That is why callisthenics is one of the most talked about methods of working out today. 

During the lockdown period, not everybody had a multi-gym to use in their home. Furthermore, people didn’t have dumbbells although we are sure many bought them. That is why many people began performing calisthenic exercises to keep themselves fit and strong. A year and a half later, people have kept up with their callisthenics since they began. 

What Is Callisthenic Training?

Callisthenic training, also known as bodyweight training, is where you use the resistance of your weight to train your muscles. The typical exercises you may know are sit-ups, pull-ups, squats and any more you can think of. The thing is, there are so many exercises out there that we probably couldn’t list them all. These exercises are not only fun, but they help keep you fit. Here, we will look at the numerous exercises of this fantastic workout. 

Benefit One: Natural form of Exercise

Over six million years ago, we once roamed the earth as apes. During that period, apes used their body weight to move from a to b, high up in the trees. Before we began walking on our feet, we used our arm muscles more than we do today. A lot of calisthenic exercises were performed by these apes naturally. Furthermore, it is the most natural exercise, simply because all those years ago, this is what we naturally did. 


Benefit Two: Some Of The Best Exercises For Functional Strength

Callisthenics includes many muscles that work together whilst under tension. That is why these exercises are so respected because they use multiple muscles. 

If you wish to become more powerful, this is something to consider. Many people perform powerlifting exercises to become stronger but that does not necessarily make you stronger. Those exercises will make you stronger and increase muscle mass however, try to complete a dead hang for longer than someone who performs callisthenics. They will probably win and therefore, be stronger for their body mass. 

With these exercises, you gain a different kind of strength. Not to mention you can become accustomed to your body weight. There are variations of strengths with these exercises. With powerlifting, you will likely be able to bench press a lot more than someone who performs callisthenics. It depends on the type of strength you want. If you wish to develop strength that will be strong enough for the real world, start performing callisthenics. 

Benefit 3: Get Super Shredded

The reason why people go to the gym is; to become fitter, to lose weight, to become stronger, they want to become shredded. If you are that person who is going to the gym to become shredded, callisthenics is the workout you should perform. If you want to start developing abs that look like they have been carved by greek gods, start with callisthenics.

Think about it, when you go to the gym, you perform exercises for a specific part of your body. Some will perform workouts for their arms, others legs and so on. Moreover, if you train different muscle groups throughout the week, you rarely consider different exercises and just stick to the same routine. 

One of the biggest perks with callisthenics is that you always use your core, hence when you gain fantastic abs. As mentioned before, if you wish to get abs like Zac Efron in Baywatch, start performing callisthenics. 

Benefit 4:Callisthenics Improves Joint Movement and Prevents Injury

As soon as you start performing callisthenics, you will notice your joints are becoming stronger. Your hands or feet are close to fixed objects and therefore, do not move freely like a leg-press machine. 

If you suffered from an injury and visited a physiotherapist, they may have told you to perform callisthenic exercises. The reason for this is that it can help with the recovery from an injury and improve the strength of your joints. Callisthenics is a fantastic workout for improving important parts of your body and improving flexibility

Benefit 5: A Combination Of Cardio And Strength Exercises

One of the biggest benefits of callisthenics is that it is a combination of both strength and cardio fitness. Callisthenics will get your heart beating like no other exercise. If you wish to improve your cardiovascular system, you should consider callisthenics for your workout. 

With a callisthenic workout, we suggest you perform these exercises back to back, almost like a HIIT exercise. These workouts are tiring but you feel like you have achieved something during your workout. No matter how tired you feel or how fatigued your muscles are, don’t stop until the end. One thing you must ensure is the exercise after your previous one should work different muscles as this gives them time to rest. 

Final Benefit: You Can Perform A Callisthenic Workout Everywhere 

Another benefit of callisthenics is that many people forget. These exercises can be performed anywhere. Whether that is in the middle of a forest or a hotel room. These exercises require no equipment and only a bit of space around you. 

If you want to advance your callisthenics workout then buy parallel bars or a pull-up bar. Moreover, you don’t need this equipment for the majority of your calisthenic exercises so don’t worry if you don’t own this equipment. 

If you have a nature walk near you, put on your favourite tracksuit. Run to a destination where you can perform tricep dips and pull-ups and begin your callisthenic exercises. Not only will you be strengthening your body, embrace the nature that surrounds you as well. 

To Conclude 

Callisthenics are great exercises if you want to become fitter. Furthermore, they also make you stronger for your body weight. The muscles you gain from these exercises are at another level and you will be grateful once you start performing them. Remember, if you want to see results, the only way you will see these results is by staying consistent. Good luck!

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