The child is afraid to travel in a car. Causes and solutions


Child psychologists say that children aged 2-2.5 years often have unreasonable fears that later disappear without a trace. At this time, it is important for parents to behave correctly and help their child. The main helpers here are tranquility and confidence that everything is going well.

However, what if the child is elder and he or she is afraid of a confined space and does not want to ride in a car? Your task is to give your child confidence. Parents seeing that the child is anxious or naughty, begin to worry as well. This is immediately reflected in the facial expression and in the words of a parent. The child, feeling this, is convinced that the situation is “dangerous” for him. After all, he or she perceives the situation unambiguously. When parents are worried, child thinks there is a real reason for this. Therefore, it is very important for adults to remain calm and not to fuss and fume. A kind smile, kind words, soft, unhurried movements can quickly bring a child into balance.


Reasons for child’s fear of cars

  • Among the many children’s fears, there is a fear of being in a car. What to do with it and how to overcome it? First, you need to understand why the child is afraid:
  • One fear hides another. For example, it may be a fear of an enclosed space or being close to strangers. This fear is based on previous experiences. Observe the baby’s behavior and analyze it.
  • Temperament peculiarity. Perhaps the child just needs more time to get used to the car. Pictures flicker quickly outside the window of a moving car. This can irritate and disorient the baby.
  • Negative experience. If the child saw the accident or was a participant of it, then it could be a reason for a fear of cars.
  • The imprint of fear of parents. If you yourself do not like transport and you are afraid of it, then the child can also behave the same way.
  • Maybe the child feels bad in the car and cannot tell you about it. Observe its state of health and well-being.


Six ways to help the child overcome fear of cars

  1. Try different approaches. The mentality of children is supple and it develops rapidly. You need to understand the reason for the fear of traveling in the car (you may need to consult a specialist) and support the child in overcoming his or her fear.
  2. If the child is simply afraid of movement and speed, then you need to explain to him or her that this is not a big deal. Buying a bright toy car can help. Therefore, it will be easier for the child to overcome the fear.
  3. Going on a trip, take with you as many toys and books as possible to distract the child from the road. Tell the kid about how the first transport appeared. Show encyclopedias, vivid pictures, cartoons. Hug your beloved babies (without removing from the chair), play with their fingers, palms, hold their hands.
  4. Talk with the baby. Conversations can switch attention. Offer him or her a new interesting game. Any buttons, bulbs, straps in the equipment of the car can be used. Especially if this car is unknown for a child. For example, when you take rental car under 25.
  5. If the situation repeats regularly, buy an automobile “friend” (soft, kind toy), which will be happy to travel with the child.
  6. An access of fear can be caused by a new car seat, unfamiliar to the baby. To prevent this from happening, show the seat to the child in advance. Let it stand for several days at home. The child will get used to its sight, sit on it and even play with it. Later, in the car, the child will meet the car seat as a good friend.

Many children have a fear of certain things. Fear can occur both at an early and elder age. It can be a fear of darkness, water, spiders, strangers, cars. There are children who like to travel in a car with their parents. Many of them even ask to watch the driver’s workplace, while some categorically refuse to even approach the car. One of the reasons why the child does not want to be in the car is the fear of an enclosed space. Perhaps, due to its nature, the baby needs to get used to the ‘sleeping car’ first. Remember that the main thing in overcoming childhood fears is your peace of mind, confidence and consistency.


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