Natural Wonders of Texas: 5 Ideas for Your Car Trip


Texas is visited by many travelers – this state is the largest in the USA, as well as one of the most attractive destinations in all of America. Ruddy cowboys, gunfights – all these associations evoke Texas. Of course, Texas has many unforgettable natural attractions, and that’s exactly what travelers love it for. Only in this state you can fully feel freedom and see the places untouched by the human hand and modern progress. Some of them are so unique that they are one of a kind.

Want to explore them? Then take care of suitable transport in advance. A rental car will be the best solution as it will allow you to choose the route by yourself. Another advantage of the car is safety – against the backdrop of the global COVID19 pandemic it allows you to travel and at the same time avoid large crowds of people in public transport, which carry a high risk of infection.

Well, plan your car trip, book the right date, and we’ll tell you some amazing natural attractions in Texas you must see with your own eyes…

  • Hamilton Pool

Human has nothing to do with the creation of this Texas landmark. On the site of the reservoir there was once a cave, completely hidden from human eyes. Underground waters gradually washed away its limestone walls, and at one point its dome simply collapsed. This is how the incredibly beautiful natural Lake Hamilton with clear green water was formed.

The surviving part of the dome of the cave formed a grotto where part of the lake is hidden. Streams of water flow into it from above, forming a thin 15-meters-high waterfall wall. Hamilton Pool is located 40 kilometers from the state capital, Austin, thereby making car rental the best transport solution to reach the site. However, remember that you can’t get close to the lake by car- it will have to be left half a kilometer further, since the territory is protected.


  • Big Bend National Park

Another natural wonder of Texas is Big Bend National Park – it’s situated not far from the Mexican border. It would be a great idea to rent a car and explore it thoroughly. The fastest way to get there is with Jeep rental San Antonio TX, as it’s a perfect car for the harsh Texas roads. Of course, use online booking to get the vehicle you want at a cheap price.

As for the park itself, the Rio Grande River forms small canyons and green oases in it. The long Chisos Mountains ridge stretches within the Big Bend. Mount Emory is its highest point, which extends 2,385 meters in height.

Part of the park is represented by the Chihuahuan Desert. Its climate is not as harsh as in most deserts, and flowers bloom there from March till April. The main vegetation in the park includes cacti, yuccas, agaves and bunches of herbs. Lizards, snakes and vultures live in the desert, but in the mountainous areas you can also see deer, bears, mountain lions and more than 400 species of birds.

  • Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake is located in the east of Texas, and this is an amazingly mysterious place. The lake was formed quite by accident: at the beginning of the nineteenth century on the Red River there was a jam of river debris and logs. The river beavers have reinforced this congestion with their dams. So a dam was formed, which blocked the water movement, and served as the beginning of the creation of the lake. This is how one of the most beautiful lakes in the world appeared, and now this is a protected area.

Caddo Lake covers the area of ​​approximately 106 square kilometers, creating excellent conditions for numerous unique plants and animals. However, the most interesting attraction of Lake Caddo is the cypress forests, which are also the largest on the planet. Some cypress trees are over 50-meters-high.

  • Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well is a very interesting natural landmark of Texas. It’s a deep (about 10 meters) vertical cave with several forks at the bottom, and their total length is 40 meters. The well attracts scuba divers from all over the world for its uniqueness, but it’s a very dangerous place.

Why is Jacob’s Well so attractive and dangerous? This is not just a beautiful and mysterious place, but also a real geological treasure of Texas. Jacob’s Well is a karst spring dating back several millennia. Scientists claim that earlier it was a geyser with the height of the water flow of over 10 meters. Due to the lowering of the water level, the well now looks like an unusual underwater cave.

The source’s danger lies in its narrow underwater chambers with narrow isthmuses. In addition, all the walls in the well and in the caves are covered with thick, slippery silt. But this fact doesn’t stop, but rather spurs the interest of tourists to Jacob’s Well.

  • Enchanted Rock

This place is another good idea for traveling on a rental car, as it’s situated only an hour and a half from Austin or San Antonio. The natural phenomenon is a popular tourist destination due to the unusual pink color of the rock. It consists entirely of granite, but not only the color, but also its huge size attracts many travelers there.

The Enchanted Rock is about two and a half kilometers long and more than 550 meters high. This rock is also surrounded by various fascinating myths and stories of Indian tribes, which makes it definitely one of the most interesting places in Texas.


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