Family Weekend: 7 Best Sights to Visit in London and Beyond

Italian family and their two kids in front of Big Ben and House of Parliament, posing for a picture to be takenb by the personal photographer they hired to cover their visit to London.

When family travelers come to London for the first time, their most frequent question is “what to visit with children”?  This is no coincidence, because kids require constant attention, want to play, run, and get to know the world around them. They are interested in everything! 

Fortunately, London and the surrounding area have plenty of family-friendly places to go, including amusement parks, playgrounds, famous English gardens, interesting museums, zoos, toy shops, and much more. You can easily find them if you hire a car. 

Pick up the spacious 7 seater car hire London and visit all the most amazing local attractions at your own pace. You and your child will bring home a lot of experiences, while we hope that our list of fun family destinations will help make your holiday in England more exciting and interesting.

Princess Diana Playground, Hyde Park 

This playground in central London is very popular. Indeed, it’s an ideal vacation spot for children in fine weather. A unique local landmark is a beautiful real-size wooden ship standing right on the sand. Be sure that your children will be busy for a long time. 

The entrance to the site is free of charge. For parents, there’s a small cafe next to the playground. When the children are tired, you can walk through the park, go around the lake, as well as look at swans, ducks, and other birds. 

Address: Diana Memorial Playground, Black Lion Gate, Kensington Gardens, Broad Walk, London W2 2UH


Science Museum 

The Science Museum is also located in central London, making it easy to get to with your hire car. The entrance is free. On weekends, there’re a lot of children and teenagers, who enthusiastically look at the various exhibits of the museum. 

In the museum, you will find many interactive exhibits that will attract the attention of children. The museum often hosts exhibitions devoted to a particular topic, but they are usually paid. 

Address: Exhibition Rd, London, Greater London SW7 2DD


ZSL London Zoo

If you want to introduce your kids to the wildlife, hire a car and head to ZSL London Zoo with the whole family. This is a great vacation spot for both children and their parents. Aviaries with a wide variety of animals, birds, and reptiles will delight your little travelers. 

The zoo is very large, and you can walk around it all day long. Inside there’re stalls with ice cream and cotton candy, as well as a cafe and a gift shop. Entrance is paid – prices start from £26 per person. You can save 20% by buying tickets online. 

Address: Regent’s Park, London NW1 4RY



This is an indoor playground where you can keep children busy for up to 2 hours. At this time, parents will be happy to visit a small cafe. Tables are located right next to the playground, where you can drink coffee and watch the child play. 

Better to go on weekdays, as there are a lot of children on weekends. Under the roof, there’s a multi-storey playground with a pool made of plastic balls, rubber slides, and various climbing devices. The smallest children will have a great time in a separate enclosed space, while the older kids can ride the toy cars. 

The Gambado is located in the Chelsea area, a few miles from central London. It provides free parking spaces for visitors, so you will have a place to park your hire car.

Address: 7 Station Court, Townmead Road, Chelsea, London SW6 2PY


Chessington World of Adventures

Chessington World of Adventures is a theme park suitable both for school- and preschool-aged children. In addition to various rides, this children’s park has its own zoo, an aquarium, and provides various children’s performances. 

The park is situated not in the city itself but within driving distance of London. Therefore, a hire car is the most convenient way to get there with the whole family. 

It’s better to come there early in the morning in order to avoid traffic. There’s a hotel in the park where you can spend the night if you want to spend a few days in this park. 

Address: Leatherhead Road, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2NE


Woburn Safari Park 

First of all, it’s a perfect place where families can spend time together and observe the most interesting animals in their natural environment. Woburn Safari Park offers over 80 species of birds, reptiles, and animals, including lions, bears, and tigers. 

The vast territory of the park features incredible nature, and it will be interesting for you to keep your way among the green spaces. The park is located within a 1-hour drive from London in the direction of Luton

It’s best to hire a car to visit Woburn Safari Park, as this is one of two ways available to explore the wildlife. Another option is the Foot Safari, where you can walk through the habitat of smaller mammals and birds. 

Address: Woburn Park, Bedfordshire, MK17 9QN


Kew Gardens 

The Royal Botanic Gardens are located in a huge and very beautiful area with a variety of plants. There are greenhouses where you can see plants from different countries and continents. A small train runs through the territory of Kew Gardens. During the ride, the guide talks about greenhouses and plants.

Peacocks imposingly walking in the gardens add an unforgettable flavor to this place. On the territory, you’ll find cafes, numerous pavilions with plants, as well as Kew Palace – the smallest royal palace in the residence of King George III, and playgrounds. 

Address: Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Richmond, London, Surrey TW9 3AB


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