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London is one of the best places to shop in the world, never mind the UK. There are hundreds and hundreds of fantastic fashion stores all over London. Not to mention a variety of food markets and restaurants. Then you have the selection of speakeasy bars that make for a great evening out. Furthermore, there are many other things that you can do with friends and family. 


London is full of sustainable shops around the centre where people can ensure they reduce their carbon footprint. Plus, there are so many different types of shops, so you can get everything you need. Whether you’re on a backpacking trip or a local in the area, these are the must-visit sustainable shops in London. 

Zero-Waste Food Shops

Starting with the Zero-waste food stores, these are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. London has a variety of zero-waste food stores that are perfect for reducing your plastic waste and getting all of your household products.


The first zero-waste food store is UNPACKAGed and this is located in Shoreditch. It is a popular shop for the locals in London to get their household products, without having to worry about plastic waste. 


UNPACKAGED works with some of the largest stores in the UK such as M&S, Morrisons, ALDI, Waitrose and many more. If you haven’t visited UNPACKAGED yet and this is a shop local to you, we highly recommend this sustainable shop in London. 

The Source Bulk Foods

Next is The Source Bulk Foods and this is another great eco-friendly shop in London. Furthermore, this is far more popular across the capital compared to UNPACKAGED. It is a fantastic shop with all of your essential household products.


Finally, we have BYO and this stands for Bring Your Own. It is a similar concept to UNPACKAGED and The Source Bulk Foods. Where it encourages people to bring in their own plastic containers so they can purchase whole foods and other household products. This is something that the UK has been pushing in the last 10 to 15 years, encouraging people to bring their own plastic bags so they don’t have to buy anymore. However, BYO, The Source Bulk Foods and UNPACKAGED have all taken it to the next level. 

Eco-Friendly Food Markets

If you are going to London for the day and want to reduce your carbon footprint, you should visit some of the eco-friendly markets that they have. London has plenty of markets on offer however, they are always one better with their food markets as they aim to be more eco-conscious. 

Mercato Metropolitano

Mercato Metropolitano is an eco-friendly food market located on the South Bank. It has over 40 food stalls, where most of them sell sustainably sourced organic foods. Additionally, single-use plastic is banned from this market. They ensure that all of the cutlery used is biodegradable, helping to reduce its carbon footprint even more. 


Mercato Metropolitano is one of the most popular eco-friendly food markets in London. If you have never been to this fantastic food market, we highly recommend you visit it. 

Buck Street Market

Next on the list is Buck Street Market. It is a popular market that is well-known across the UK because of how sustainable it is. Furthermore, it is located in Camden, which is a popular tourist destination for those who are from the UK. 


Buck Street Market promotes vegan food but it also promotes ethical fashion as well. Additionally, this market is very unique because of the recycled shipping containers for each market.


Like Mercato Metropolitano, Buck Street Market also reduces single-use plastic and uses biodegradable cutlery and packaging instead. Moreover, if there is any food waste left over, they will use this to help provide electricity to the market. Not to mention it is Camden’s largest rooftop using recycled shipping containers. This food market is an environmentalist’s dream.  

Sustainable Fashion Shops

London is well known for its high streets, consisting of hundreds of fashion stores, with some of them being luxury fashion brands. However, London is also a great spot for those who wish to be more sustainable with their wardrobe. The issue is that many people don’t know about sustainable fashion brands in London. 


AIDA is located in Shoreditch which isn’t too far from central London. This store was founded by four sisters and they named it after their Grandma, Aida. It is a popular store and sells many local menswear, womenswear and accessories, supporting sustainable fashion brands in London. 

Ever since AIDA was founded in 2023, it has been a massive success as not only does it support sustainable fashion but also local fashion brands in London. 


Reformation is another great fashion brand in London. It ensures sustainability is at the forefront of their morals and goals. Furthermore, they claim that any wasted materials during the production process are donated to local charities so they can be used. 

Charity Shops In London

Charity shops are one of the best sustainable shops in London that you can visit. You know instantly that you are reducing your carbon footprint because you are shopping for vintage clothing. Moreover, London is full of fantastic charity shops that have been there for many years. Let’s take a look at a couple of our personal favourites in London. 


Rokit is up there with the best sustainable charity shops in London. Furthermore, shopping in charity shops has become a trend in the last 10-15 years, as millennials are aiming to be sustainable instead of supporting fast fashion. Furthermore, they have shopping all over London, including one store that is located in Covent Garden. Additionally, if you don’t live in the London area then don’t worry, as they deliver their garments across the UK, Europe and even the world. 

All Aboard

The other charity shop(s) which is one of our favourites in the capital is All Aboard. It is a great vintage fashion store that was founded by Stella Lucas in 1987. They have a number of stores all across the UK however, the one located in West Hampstead is up there with the best. If you want to pass the time whilst you are waiting for public transport then this is the place to be. 

To Conclude

When it comes to shopping, London is one of the best. That includes both high-street fashion and sustainable fashion, as well as everything else from natural skincare products to stunning homeware. However, there is more to London than just a few sustainable shops here and there. 

If you are ever having a weekend in London and you have left your car at Bond Street Car Park, we highly recommend you explore London for what it does best. It is full of sustainable shops that are perfect for all of your needs. Whether you want to buy vintage garments or shop for whole foods, London has it all. 


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