When you come to Colorado, you try many different activities. Locals and tourists love their active leisure. Denver can really boast great outdoor experiences in the city and across the state. Going to Denver? It’s important to be well-prepared for any temperature. You see, it’s a unique country where you can ski, swim, or fish in one place. The weather is changeable and you must be ready to meet all the temperature challenges. There are two things that help you to survive: a good car and suitable clothes.

How to rent a car in Denver?

When you book a car from car rental in Denver airport under 25, your can choose from many popular rental companies, even if you are a young driver. Of course, you pick up the car from the airport. It’s convenient and you don’t have to travel with your family and luggage somewhere to the in-city rental spot. Anyway, if you decide that in-city rental agencies give you the cheapest prices, go to Denver downtown, Broadway St. All the major rental agencies are located near here. 

Denver is a unique city where you feel great when renting any type of car. Whether you want to cruise Denver in a sports car, a practical van, or something bigger like a SUV, find the information about car rental age limits for one or another type of car.

Line of cars waiting to enter Big Bend National Park

Packing to Denver trip

  1. Take a daypack

A daypack is a small backpack where you keep everything you may need during the day. You don’t need every little thing you took from home when you are going to visit Denver Aquarium today, do you? A small backpack will serve many uses. Planning to hike, you may need some water, some clothes, and probably a portative charger. If planning a city walk, you need a wallet, keys, and other essentials.

  1. Layers of clothes

Layered clothing is the best variant for Colorado changeable weather. Ask locals how to dress and they will advise to wear in layers and even get extra layers in your daypack. It can be rather chilly in the morning, hot during the day, and windy in the evening. Wear a light sweater, and a T-shirt, and have a raincoat, and a shirt for emergencies. Traveling in winter you may need more layers. Don’t forget a jacket and a hat. Don’t underestimate the importance of layering in Denver, even if you are traveling in your rental car, you can’t explore the outdoors without proper clothing.

  1. Some specific wear

Do you want to look extremely stylish in Denver? Rent a good car and feel great! If it is not enough and you really want to add something special to your everyday look, buy a cowboy hat, boots, or something from Western culture. Stop the car at F.M. Light & Sons or got to Estes Park for Appaloosa Trading Company. You’ll be surprised.

  1. Clothes from local brands

If you don’t like a cowboy hat, but still, you want to look like locals, you can buy something from Colorado-made products. It can be a good souvenir, clothes, and accessories. Go for clothes to SmartWool, Shredly, Voormi. Ask locals for more brands near you.

Cowboy Day


  1. Hiking boots

It’s time to forget about style and fashion and choose comfort. You badly need a pair of good shoes or boots for hiking. It would be great if you buy a pair of waterproof boots or cozy sandals. Actually, you don’t need to pack them from home. It is better to buy at a place. 

  1. Eyeshields

Ask everyone, Colorado is a place where sunshine lasts for 300 days a year. You have to wear sunglasses even in your rental car with sun shields. Traveling to the mountains, you can’t feel comfortable without sunglasses and sunscreen for your face. You can take hats, panamas, your favorite scarf, anything for protection from strong rays.

  1. Something for outing

Of course, Denver is a popular tourist city, known for its great outdoors, national parks, playgrounds, parks, lakes, and ski resorts. You shouldn’t forget that Denver is a big and modern city with many restaurants, street performances, museums, and galleries. Do you want to dine in the best city restaurant tonight? How about wearing a beautiful dress or your favorite jeans with a tiny blouse? Don’t forget to pack!

There is one more thing you may definitely need during your Denver trip. Pack your camera! Tourists say, it is better to take a good camera instead of just your phone. The views of Colorado are really exciting.


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