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Tips to Efficiently Manage Your E-Store During Sales Season

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E-commerce is getting popular and it has opened opportunities for entrepreneurs to go online with their business. Sellers can have complete control of their e-store and customize it accordingly. The secret to keeping the e-store thriving during sales season is how effectively you are able to manage inventory. The tips highlighted can have a booming business with happy customers and rising sales.

Tips to Efficiently Manage Your E-Store 

Let’s get through some handy tips that will help you out a great deal.

  • Restore Canceled Orders

One of the extensions is ‘Magento 2 Restore Canceled Order’. During sales season, you will come across many indecisive customers and there might be occasions of orders getting canceled accidentally by either admin or the customer. To handle them efficiently, Magento 2 offers this extension through which you can conveniently undo a canceled order with a few taps. The canceled orders can be restored to their original state. This action can be carried out from the grid or order details page. In the same way, multiple purchase requests can also be easily restored. 

  • Outsource Order Fulfilment

Owners of the e-store efficiently manage the workload during sales season by partnering with a reliable drop-shipping merchant. The merchant then handles the order fulfillment side of the operation. A drop-shipper stores inventory and takes responsibility for all the postage and packaging putting the original branding tag on the package. Customers are born impatient and want their orders to be shipped swiftly. During sales season, the owner of the e-store is burdened with too many orders to take care of. Outsourcing can save time and hassle to give quality and prompt service.

  • Restrict Products by Customer Groups

This is yet another Magento 2 extension to help during sales season. Restricting products by customer groups will aid the owners to optimize the catalog visibility of the e-store. Along with managing the catalog visibility, you can also selectively restrict access to specific products or categories based on customer groups such as general customers, wholesalers, retailers, etc. 

  • Limit Order Quantity

A Magento 2 extension that allows the owners of the e-store to customize minimum and maximum quantities. You can conveniently apply the limits based on store views, customer groups, and individual customers. If the customers exceed the set limitation, owners can send an error message for customers indicating and guiding the same. Limits can be applied to an individual product or each one of them in the catalog. During sales season, it might be possible that the inventory gets empty. For this very reason, you can have the inventory running and provide the customers with a positive shopping experience.

  • Frequently Bought Products

Another useful Magento 2 extension that is of great usage during sales season is ‘Who Bought This Also Bought’. This extension helps owners to show similar products at the base of the products page. The customers can systematically identify related products and complete their orders. This can also be used to generate a selection of products through recent customer purchase data.

  • Helpdesk

When you are running an e-store, providing adequate customer support is a great way to boost sales. Setting up a helpdesk in the form of live chat helps build trust and loyalty with customers. When the customers are able to reach out for a query without waiting long for answers, there are more chances of sales. There are innovative ways for the same, it depends on your choice and goals. 

Final Words

Maximize the sales of your e-store using these simple yet informative tips listed above. Let me know your thoughts on this and how much these are helping in boosting sales in your e-store.


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