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Perfect Stay: 6 Best Apps to Book a Hotel Room


More and more people prefer to travel on their own, without resorting to the help of tour agencies. There are many reasons for this: it’s much more profitable and more interesting, because you are not tied to a particular hotel and can independently create your own route. All you need is to buy flight tickets, book your accommodation – and go on a trip. Of course, don’t forget to find the right way of moving – car rental through would be a great solution.

As for hotel reservation, here’re a few applications that will greatly facilitate the procedure and allow you to choose the best option.

This is a traditional option to book a hotel room. is the most popular system in the world – it’s unlikely you can find such a complete database of hotels in any other application. The program has collected more than 500,000 places to stay from 205 countries.

Accommodation options include not only the hotels themselves, but also hostels, cottages, and mini-hotels. The service allows you to find places by the price, by the average assessment of visitors, as well as to choose from the right areas, the availability of the necessary amenities (for example, Wi-Fi) and so on. The program also knows how to plan a route to the hotel on the map.

The application is available for free download on smartphones based on iOS and Android, as well as for tablets and computers based on Windows.



If you don’t have extra money for hotels, and there’s a desire to communicate more with local people to learn the country from the inside, you can use the Airbnb service. With the help of the application, you can quickly rent an apartment or a room without the help of intermediaries.

There’s a great variety of options, including a very exotic lodgings. At the same time, prices are mostly affordable, much cheaper than most hotels of the same level offer.

In some cities, authorities are trying to ban Airbnb, as a popular service hurts the hospitality industry. Airbnb is also useful app for earning money. For example, if you are going on a trip for a week, you can very quickly rent out your room apartment just in a few clicks. Probably, this may return a significant part of the cost of your journey.

The program can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store.



TripAdvisor is the world’s largest service for travelers with a huge database of restaurants, entertainment venues and attractions, a huge number of reviews and photos taken by users.

Perhaps, it’s here that you can find millions of travelers’ reviews about hotels and hostels around the world. This is a universal application in which you are most likely to find all the necessary information.

Also, the application will advise you where to go nearby, create the whole tourist route, and find the best places for shopping or another activity you like.



This is a unique service that simultaneously allows you to book flight tickets and accommodation. At the same time, the service provides a large number of criteria by which you can filter the search results.

In fact, Hipmunk is a search engine for various airline and hotel bases. It automatically compares prices and conditions, providing the most user-relevant results. Everything is conveniently combined into a logical system – after selecting the tickets, the application shows the best hotels in the area of ​​arrival, allows you to choose a complete set and price range.



Living in comfort is very important. However, perhaps the main purpose of trips abroad is acquaintance with locals. The CouchSurfing app is a real social network for meeting foreigners, which often helps a lot to find a place to stay for several nights.

Who better show you the city than its inhabitants? You can quickly find friends in an unfamiliar country and immediately walk with them. This will help to improve the knowledge of the language and learn a lot about the culture of the country and its people. Often, such dating has a romantic continuation.



Spending time in a room abroad is an extremely pointless exercise. It’s better to explore the streets of unfamiliar cities and sunbathe on the beach. And if so – why overpay for comfort, because you can stay in a hostel. Plus, you’ll be able to save time, and also find new friends. All this is available via simple WeHostels application.

Unlike other similar services, WeHostels is perfectly designed specifically for the mobile platform, allowing you to select and book just in a few clicks. The service doesn’t try to overwhelm you with all possible information, but simply suggests the best options. You choose and book the desired hostel directly from the application.

Also, there’s a small adviser showing where interesting events take place in the world, how to get there and where to stay. In general, this is an excellent service for those who don’t like to think a lot but travel on the call of the heart.

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