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Tips for writing a captivating story


Story writing is fun and interesting. People love writing stories and now people are even earning money by writing stories, yes that’s true. People are now pursuing story writing as their career. There are several jobs for story writers as they can work in an agency, in production house or for some brand where they get to write stories for the brand. This helps them earn a lot.

Story writing is not just a profession for people but for some people it is a passion and they love reading and writing stories and novels. Anyone who loves writing stories will have to be addicted to reading as well that’s why most of the good writers are good readers as well. This article will highlight some of very useful tips for writing a captivating story. If the story is not captivating and is not able to grab the reader’s attention then consider yourself unsuccessful and your story a flop. Here are some of the tips for making your story captivating:

  • Avoid long breaks and gaps:in a story it is very important to have continuity. There should be a flow of a story which only a writer can create. In order to make the story in continuity you will have to avoid the breaks and long gaps. However, if you are writing a novel so you can take breaks and gaps after every chapter but while writing a short story avoid taking any breaks and try completing
  • Focus on suspense and drama:people love drama and suspense. Make sure your story have lots of drama and suspense scenes so that people stick to your story. A flat story having no suspense will never attract the readers and they will not read your story till the end that’s why try adding some drama so that people enjoy your story and stick to it throughout. Here becareful not to add too much of drama as this kills the originality of the storyline.
  • Work on your protagonist:the main character of the story is very important as your entire story will revolve around the protagonist and his character that’s why make sure you work on the character carefully. A boring main lead will always make the readers bore and they will not want to continue reading that’s why try making them fall in love with the main character of the story.
  • Avoid unnecessary characters and scenes:a good story will always have good, relevant and only the necessary scenes and characters. Don’t add useless and unnecessary characters and scenes in your movie just to increase its duration and to add more drama. Over drama kills the feel and people start getting bored. Only add the characters that are required wherever necessary and cut all the extra scenes that are exaggerating the scenario.
  • Make it emotional:people are always attracted and touched by emotions. Any television commercial, novel, play or a movie having emotional story always strikes the top charts as people start loving the story and the character. This is one of the ways of attracting the readers and to grab their attention. Add as many emotions as you can but only where it can be added, don’t make your story emotionalforcefully.
  • Try showing the story not writing:the reader must feel like he/she is in the story or is at least the part of the story. It should be so natural and intense that people should actually start relating themselves with the story and with every scene. Write a story in such a way that you are showing the scenes to the people and not writing it. People should not feel like they are reading but they should feel like they are in the story.
  • Write interesting dialogues:dialogue writing plays an important role. An excellent scene can turn out to be a crap just because of the dialogues. If the scene is amazing but is having poor quality and lame dialogues then the scene will not be a good scene that’s why make sure you play well with the words and come up with some good and attractive dialogues for the story.
  • Write what you would love to read:when writing a story, consider yourself as a reader and not a writer. Write what you think you will love reading, write what you think you will find interesting, write what you think will grab your attention, write what you think you will find interesting. This will help you a lot while writing your story. You just simply have to relate yourself with the readers. For writing a story it is very important to know your target audience.
  • Make your story believable: a story that is believable is loved by the readers. Avoid writing in such a way that it starts sounding fake. Make it real and avoid unreal scenes and dialogues. Your readers must believe your story, no matter its true or not but you will have to write in such a way that people start believing it and this is an art of writing that only a good writer has.
  • Develop the story in sequence: don’t jump the scenes at all make your story smooth and in sequence. Prepare everything before writing so that you don’t face this problem. You will have to go with the flow and write the story very smoothly. Do not skip the scenes and the dialogues as this will make the story quality very poor.
  • Add twists and turns:just like drama and suspense makes the story interesting in the same way unexpected twists and turns will make the story exciting and the readers curious. Readers will then get hooked to your story and will read the entire story to know the conclusion.

Author Bio: Carol Johnson is a great American storyteller working in one of the top advertising agencies of the USA. Story writing has been her passion since the last twenty years at Done Dissertation and she has written several great stories so far.

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