How To Pack For Camping? Useful Gadgets To Take In The Camping Van!


If you are going for a trip in a big company, you should think of renting a large camping vehicle. Whenever you go, there is always a choice to pick one big van or two economy class cars. Of course, it would be more comfortable for you to control the situation within the limits of one car. So, passenger van rental in St Louis or somewhere else in the USA will be the best option for your future trip. You can rent a van for 5-7 people or get a larger car for 12 or 15 passengers. Don’t forget about popular camper vans, equipped special for a comfortable nature-filled vacations.

Van Rental Details

Renting a van usually takes some more time and requirements. Thus, you should check the location first if van rental is available. Booking in advance is important. As a rule, companies don’t keep tones of vans on their rental locations. That’s why try to pre-book your camping van, especially in a period of vacations and long weekends. Don’t forget that renting a passenger van takes more money than renting SUVs or minivans. You can’t rent a van if you are under 25.

Neilon's van


Van life can be difficult in somewhat. You have to organize your space to have a place for sleeping, driving, cooking, and spending quality time together. Sometimes, it can be challenging to pack everything you need for camping. Just remember one rule: Don’t take anything that you are not going to use. But what are the items you will surely use?

  1. Take portable fridge

You need a portable fridge if you are going to travel in summer. Also, you need a fridge if you are traveling in a big company and planning a picnic. Try to find the best fridge on your market. The prices are different and you can easily find a good variant. The best camper fridges are usually small in size but very commodious. This is your chance to cook of fresh ingredients.

  1. Take indoor heater

Indoor heater is needed when you are traveling on a cold season. It is important to have a special equipment to warm up, especially when the night are cool. But don’t overdo! Don’t leave a heater running for the whole night. It can lower oxygen level in the room. That’s why it is better to pick equipment with auto shut off.

  1. Take portable gas stove

A gas stove is needed if you are going to cook every day or even from time to time. You can use it inside or outside of you van. It is good for picnics and camping dinners. When you are traveling with kids, you have to cook three times a day! Of course, you can find a good restaurant and eat there. But any fast food can’t beat mom’s porridge. Just keep your van stove clean and safe.


  1. Take portable pump shower

A portable shower is always needed when you are going to live in the camping van, but not in the hotel room. It is really important to have a place to wash up. This pump shower keeps the water running for some time. Of course, you can hardly luxuriate in a hot bath, but you feel refreshed and ready to continue your trip.

  1. Take wipes

Of course, you need wipes all the time when traveling! You need them in the car, in a public transport, in the shop, and even in the hotel and restaurant. Also, if you forgot to take a portable shower, you can use wipes! It is important to buy wipes that are toxin-free and anti-bacterial. Traveling with kids wipes are the must!

  1. Take meal replacement

If you are often busy and can forget about your meals, you can try to replace it by special meal replacements. They are made of fresh and healthy ingredients and can help to keep your body in balance.  Remember, organic replacements are not recommended for kids. Make them some salad instead!

ARB fridge with cover

  1. Take folding table

Folding table is a pretty nice accessory that can help to make your trip comfortable. The table is light and not a moment too soon if you need to serve the table for dinner outdoors. There are portable tables of different sizes and models. Pick one according to the number of travelers. Sometimes, the table is organized with two or more folding chairs.

  1. Take medical kit

Medical kit is needed not only in a van, but in any rental car. Going for a trip you should think of packing so-called emergency kit. You can find a blanket, some warm clothes, medications there. You can easily apply bandage, relieve the pain somehow.

Camping can be the best trip if you are ready for it. First of all, check if your rental van good enough for your journey in all parameters. Pack everything that you really need, including some really useful gadgets. Don’t over pack. Your packing list must be simple, short, including all essentials. This is how you can travel without worries.

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