TOP 2 Easy Day Trips from London by Car: Bath or Kent


If you are planning a trip to London, you should find time to step aside and take a short drive around the capital city. That’s really interesting. Besides, one day is enough to explore one or another place, try local activities, taste a big dinner in a local restaurant, and, probably, take some rest in the local hotel before you fly back home. There are so many great places near the UK capital! Day trips from London are popular among locals and tourists. Pick the destination and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to get out and explore.


Why travel from London by car?

Some people like traveling by train. If you want to visit such popular places as Newcastle or Stonehenge, you can reach them by train. The high-speed rail lines are much faster than driving.

But others prefer traveling by car. If you have wheels, it is much easier to travel where you want around London, even to the difficult-to-access places. Let’s think, it would be not comfortable for you to get to the place that is far from a railway station and requires using more transports. The transfer takes much time and money.

So, it is better to focus on the easiest and the most comfortable way of traveling around London. If you don’t have your own car, you can hire one on Make sure to take all the needed documents and your credit card. It is better to check your route on Google Maps to know everything about traffic and places to visit. Try to leave some extra time for sudden stops and unexpected situations. If you want to hire the best car and catch the cheapest price, check the car hire website beforehand.

Bath, England

Where to go: BATH or CANTERBURY?

These are just two of the most popular travel destinations you can easily reach by car in one day. Also, these are the best places to start your trip with as they are extremely friendly, not overloaded with tourists, and have their own interesting cuisine, entertainment, and history. As a rule, people, who come to London, try to find some free time to travel around to take some rest from a noisy capital city.

One-day trip to BATH by car

Bath is the most popular spa town in the UK. People from all over the country have been visiting this place for centuries. Why? The town can boast its healing properties, hot tubes, and spas. Of course, Bath is the first place that comes to your mind when you hear about spa procedures. But don’t spend too much time detoxing as Bath offers many other activities.

  • Main activity

One way or another, people come to bath for thermal baths. There’s no other way to spend your evening than warming up in hot healing water. You can find many spa places in the town with tones of side procedures, including massages, cosmetology face, and body care. If you are tired of procedures, jump in your hired car and drive out of the town for a breath of fresh air.


  • Restaurant to visit

If hiring a car, it is not a problem for you to find Sotto Sotto in Bath. This is the best restaurant of Italian Cuisine. This is a special territory, done in Italian style and represented by the Italian menu. Sotto Sotto offers such popular and super-duper tasty chef’s specialties as aromatic lamb rump with a red wine sauce. Also, you are recommended to try juicy seabass with broccoli and sweet potato.

  • Hotel to stay

Welcome to the Gainsborough Bath Spa! This hotel looks like a real palace outside and inside. There is parking for your car and many more additional services you can ask for. The rooms are modernly equipped with ultra-modern furniture and all the needed gadgets. Of course, a spa hotel is not impossible without direct access to naturally heated spring water. Enjoy it!


One-day trip to CANTERBURY by car

This town is filled with interesting historical buildings at every step. Leave your hired car somewhere on the city parking and visit Canterbury Cathedral. This is one of the most beautiful buildings in the whole country. Never miss visiting the Roman Museum and the local farmer’s market.

  • Main activities

Visit Marlowe Theatre

Canterbury is a cultural town. Visiting the Marlowe Theatre can be the top of your excursion. This place is also called the Marlowe home and hosts performances from the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. Do you like opera? You can see the Glyndebourne Touring Opera here. Try to book tickets for a show beforehand.

Visit Good Shed

Go shopping! Actually, if you decided to visit the Goods Shed, you can kill two birds with one stone. This place occupies an old Victorian building and represents a big restaurant and a farmers market all in one. The menu is represented in a way you can eat tasty dishes made of fresh market food. What to try? Try a plate of rolled shoulder lamb with a fresh artichoke puree. Also, you should try fresh dumplings with parsley and spinach.

  • Hotel to stay

There are many interesting places where you can leave your car and take some rest for a day or a night. Go to PIG-at Bridge Place. This is a popular English-style hotel in the countryside. This elegant house occupies 10 acres of green territory. This is the best variant to take some rest from big city noisiness.

Hope, this article can help you to discover some new places around London. Of course, it is a very interesting city. But you can easily hire a car and go far from the UK capital to explore more territories.

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