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Six Methods of Agility Training in Soccer


Agility conditioning is important for any soccer player. Trainers should use the tried and true methods to get their players ready and get in shape.

  1. Funnel drill: With this method, you need to use six cones. Place the first two cones two yards apart. Place the third and fourth cones four yards apart, with the distance between the second and third cones at about three yards. The fifth and sixth cones should be placed three yards away from the third and fourth cones, which are separated six yards apart. Cones should have a shape a funnel. When starting the funnel drill, you should have the athletic posture in front of the first cone. You may begin the training by shuffling laterally to the second cone. Move at moderate speed and touch the top of the second cone and then diagonally sprint to the third cone to touch its top. Do the same thing with the fourth, fifth and sixth cones. You can perform variations when performing this drill. As an example, you may add different moves and cuts to the funnel pattern.
  2. Three cones: Place three cones five yards apart. Stand by facing at the middle cone or the second cone, with the first cone at your right and third cone at your left. Start by sprinting to the first clone and plant, then quickly spring to the third cone, passing the second cone. Repeat.
  3. T-Drill: Set four cones so they look like a T. The cone at the bottom of the T is called the first cone, which are placed ten yards away from the second cone, which is at the middle. The third cone is placed left of the second cone five yards away and the fourth cone at the right, also five yards away. Start by standing at the first cone and sprint to the second cone, shuffle to the left to the third cone and finally side shuffle to the fourth cone, ten yards away. After planting at the fourth cone, shuffle to the second cone and sprint back to the first cone.
  4. X Fctor: Set four cones in a square pattern at about 10 yards apart from one another. Start the training by standing at the first cone and sprint at the second cone, ten yards away. Plant and sprint diagonally to the fourth cone, plant and sprint to the third cone ten yards away. After planting at the third cone, diagonally sprint to the first cone.
  5. Tennis Ball Drop: Ask a training partner to hold a tennis ball at shoulder height. Release the ball and the soccer player need to catch it after the first bounce. Change the distance between the soccer player and training partner, until the person’s agility can progressively improve.
  6. Icky shuffle: Start at the right side of your ladder and take a side step of the left foot into the first box of your ladder. Follow it up with the right by stepping at the same box and quickly take your left foot to do a lateral step, so it’s outside the ladder.

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