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How to Choose Proper Strategy When Playing in Golf Courses?


When playing in a big 18-hole course, you need to properly manage how you play, so you can score well. With a good strategy, you can be more consistent when playing in any golf course. Based on your strengths and weaknesses, you can decide how you should play. Many amateur golfers don’t have appropriate strategy, so they just try to hit the ball as hard as they can at the beginning of each hole. This kind of playing style may be powerful and impressive, but if your accuracy is poor, you won’t be able to keep your score low. By choosing the right style, you should be able to lower your scores from the very first hole. You should look at all details of the golf course to you advantage. You need to be truthful about assessment of your own game. If you know that you are not being accurate, you should be honest about that.

You should know how far you may hit the ball with each club. So, you can choose the right club, depending on your distance from the green and the characteristics of the wind. You need to be confident and comfortable with each of your shot. As an example, you may be able to hit 100 yards without much effort with a short iron, so you can reduce risks of ache or injuries. So, you need to do your homework before playing in the golf course. Make sure that you know how to perform with each golf club. Before playing, you should check the layout of the golf course. As an example, you should know about the location of deep rough, bunker and other obstacles in each hole. The overall shape of the hole also affects how you should play your game.

You should also check the location of the yardage markers. Markers can be located on sprinkler heads, while others are on the path for cart. Also check trees and bushes for possible locations of yardage markers. Check the location, size and shape of the green. In the course map, greens are often brightly colored. Make a plan on how you can plan to approach the green and what clubs that you should use at each stage. If the golf course is well managed, the employee could provide you with information about wind speed and directions, as well as humidity and weather forecast throughout the day. This determines how you should hit the ball. As an example, if the wind speed is somewhat stronger, you need to hit the ball a bit into the wind. It takes a lot of practice to hit accurately with varying wind speed and direction.

It’s a good idea to have a small notebook in your back pocket, if you need to use a lot of details. In fact, you need to write down small strategies for each hole. You may even bring a small compass, if you don’t immediately feel the direction of the wind and you are disoriented about your locations.

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