How to Drive Longer and More Accurately?


If you want to hit longer drives with pin point accuracy, you should know how to combine flexibility, strength and balance through your entire golf swing. Amateur golfers may simply try to apply as much power as possible by swinging very hard, hoping that they can outdrive their golf partners. However, accumulated tensions in your body and arms after repeated swings will cause your accuracy to suffer. Using excessive power could also cause injuries, due to sharp, repeated movements that may strain your muscles and joints. When swinging, you should avoid putting too much stress on the elbows, shoulders and lower back. After completing the 18 holes, you may experience pains and aches, if you don’t know how to control your power. You can’t maximize results of your swings, without combining balance, flexibility and strengths. If you do things poorly in one component or more, the risk of injuries can be higher. Excessive power and poor accuracy could result in inconsistent contact. There’s no use hitting an exceptionally long drive, if the ball goes out of bounds.

  • Balance: Strength of your calves, thighs, glutes and hamstrings are the foundation of proper balance. You need to make sure that your body is fully balanced if you want to maximize the speed of your golf club swings. As an example, during a backswing, weight can be shifted to the back leg. When doing a downswing, you need to properly shift your weight to the front leg. Pro golfers perform weight training to strengthen their legs muscles. Amateur golfers should allow do this, so they can swing smoothly and maintain balance. They can drive longer without swinging too hard due to better contact between the club and the ball.
  • Strength: There’s no use of having balance, if you can’t hit the ball hard enough. Strength of the leg muscles and other parts of your body are very important. If you want to maximize strength, you need to focus on core muscles, as well as muscle groups in chest, arms and shoulder areas. They will allow you to swing accurately with more confidence, without feeling too tired. Perform weight training sessions to add strength to your lower back and abs muscles. Make sure that you have perfect golf posture, so you can release as much power as possible.

Flexibility: You can achieve proper flexibility by combining good balance and strength. Golfers should have better range of motion during their whole golf swing. They should do this without feeling restricted and tight. Tension is a major reason why your drives have poor accuracy. A sign of poor flexibility is gripping your golf club very tightly, believing that you can swing very hard this way. Poor flexibility will reduce your range of motion and the swing speed of your golf club. You can obtain by stretching various major muscles. You need to stretch before and after a golfing session to maintain the condition of your muscles, especially if you plan to do another session soon. You need to stay relaxed and loose between holes.

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