TOP 7 Signs You AREN’T PREPARED For Your Road trip!


The day of your departure is nearer and yet nearer. Do you think you are ready for a trip? Well, you can check everything once again to make sure that you are absolutely ready. A road trip starts with a rental car company, where you have an opportunity to rent a good car for your trip. Sixt car rental Canada welcome you with their attractive proposals and big choice of off-roaders and business class cars. The most desired assortments of Canadian cars are not much different while European tourists prefer family vans. The choice of cars is the first and the most responsible step of your traveling process. The more prepared you are, the better trip you’ll have. But the choice of cars is only one of many points in your list. What’s next? Let’s check if you are really ready for a trip!

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Signs that you are NOT READY!

  1. Do you know the weather of the country you are going to? You are not ready if you don’t!

Why do you need to know the weather? First of all, the season and weather you are traveling in makes influence on your packing list, flight status, and road conditions. Double check the weather forecast if you are going to the National Park or somewhere in nature.

  1. Do you know your flight status? You are not ready if you don’t!

So, what can you say about your flight status? It doesn’t matter whether you are going to the neighbor state or far-away country. You should check your flight regularly. There are many online resources that help you to check your flight status. Though, you will be always informed about the delays or flight schedules.

  1. Do you have a plan of your trip? You are not ready if you don’t!

Trip planning is important. It’s not only about making a packing list and booking the hotel rom. You have to think over every small detail that has a calamitous effect on your travel experience. How do you plan to get to the hotel from the airport? Do you want to rent a car at the airport rental office? How much currency do you want to convert on arrival? If you think it over, you can make your trip easier.

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  1. What about packing? Have you thought about it? You are not ready if you haven’t!

Do you have a packing list? It is important to make up the list of things you are going to take with you for a trip, especially if it is a road trip. Traveling by car you may need some additional stuff such as an emergency kit, bottled water, blanket, sleeping bag, vacuum bottle or something. Don’t forget about batteries, chargers, and other little things that make your trip more convenient.



  1. What did you do around the house? If your home looks the same, you are not ready!

There are so many tasks you have to fulfill before you go. Let’s see. You have to clean your fridge, check your mail and house signal systems. What about light setting? Don’t forget to turn off all the devices you have in the house.

  1. Did you check your smartphone?

Why? You’d better to check if your phone provider allows international calls. It may happen that you need to make a call and suddenly realize that you can’t! What a surprise! Ask your provider about your phone abilities and make changes if it is needed. Also, you have to fill your device with all necessary applications such as GPS map, emergency numbers, restaurant checker to find a good place for dinner, and translator.

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  1. Did you tell someone that you are leaving? If not, you are not ready!

For safety reasons, tell someone where you’re going. No, you shouldn’t announce it on Twitter or Facebook page. Just inform your close friends and relatives about where you go and when you are leaving. Ask them to call you once or twice a day to check if everything is ok. You can download a special safety program, called SOS button. You can push the button when you feel you need help and you are in danger and your relatives get know about it immediately. They can call the police and help you. Also, give them your credit card information and bank contacts. Stay in touch!

Stop panic! If you didn’t do all these things yesterday, you have some time to finish everything and get ready for the trip. Move slow but sure, step by step. If you think that a road trip is just a rental car, you are completely wrong. The rental car is not enough to have a comfortable journey. Besides, the road is always full of unexpected situations, delays, and spends. Get ready for them! Forewarned is forearmed!

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