Incubator or Communal? What Coworking Space Suits Your Business THE MOST?


How to pick the best coworking space?

Do you like the idea of coworking? Sometimes, it is really difficult to find a quiet place to work when the office rent is really high. Whenever you are, you can easily find a working space for rent. All major cities in your state are ready to give you a desk and office facilities for rent. But not all of them put a good price for you. You can find many articles in the internet on how to find the best working space in Pittsburgh or any other part of America. It is enough to use an affordable Enterprise rent a car in Pittsburgh service on your location and pick the best working center. Besides, you should realize how many hidden stones you can meet on your way. Read carefully and see the difference between 2 types of co-working spaces available.

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  1. Incubators

It looks like a typical coworking center but it is available for people who belong to one or another accelerator only. This is a usual practice of accelerators you can meet in big cities. They give coworking space for rent in addition to private offices. Entrepreneurs use this so-called bonus space for different unplanned events.


  • You share the working space with people who are from the same organization. It makes you more professionally focused and apprehensive.
  • Incubators usually give more than just a working space. They support you in all major spheres like accounting, legacy, marketing, strategy.
  • The company-accelerator can easily invest money in your project if it is worth it.


You are depended from the company-accelerator.

You can’t rent an office if you don’t belong to the accelerator.

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  1. Communal, meaning available for everyone

This type of coworking relations is the most commonly met. This is a space where you can rent a working desk or even the whole office with monthly payment. Check the prices to buy membership! You may also use such office facilities as phone, private phone line, coffee bar, lounge zone. But you cannot get any help in accounting or marketing.


  • It is available for everyone if you have enough money.
  • You can pay monthly. It is especially good for beginners.
  • You can pick the rental deal according to your budget. Paying more you take more visits per month.
  • You rent not only a desk but a meeting room, postal service, virtual office option, and many more bonuses.


  • The office is available for different people with different interests and activities. There must be people you don’t really like.
  • It can be really noisy to work in a rental space side by side with different people. The difference between renting a desk and renting a small office is about $200. So, if you don’t need the whole office and don’t want to waste money for renting, you have to learn to work with different people around. Some of them are good specialists, the others are not. Everything works well if you focus on your work.

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As you can see, coworking spaces have a dark side. But everything is going to be ok if you could find the best variant. People, experienced entrepreneurs and beginners, used to work in different spaces. It can be really hard to start your business in a big city. Rates for the office rental are high and you should spend much time to find the cheapest variant with a good location. But if you think you have found it, you also meet many more difficulties on your way like new faces around you. If it is a problem, incubators are just for you!

The choice is yours. But, as practice says, people, who use accelerators are more successful than those who prefer to rent a desk in a shared communal room. What is more, you, who belong to a specific framework, may use all the company’s bonuses and experience. The atmosphere is working and really inspiring here. People from incubators already have a good job in a company. They need some additional space for developing their own project or a new company’s startup.

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But if you don’t work for a company but want to start your own small business, you can start small but think big. It is not that bad to share you working space with others. Instead, try to find something useful in this situation. First of all, rent a car and set up your working schedule. How many visits you will get for your money? Secondly, focus on your start-up and do your best for the sake of your business. Looking for a favorable working space, read the contract carefully. A single desk doesn’t mean much. You can always find a good communal variant with innovative equipment, a friendly cafe at the corner, big park across the street, and additional support.

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