4 Simple Ways to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

can you drive without a catalytic converter

Nowadays, catalytic converter theft is going around the globe. Intruders and thieves are working around to steal these dedicated devices within a few minutes and then sell them to those who deal with scrap metals and obtain a wide range of money for the valuable metals that are constituted among them.

It gives the possibility to the thieves to steal a catalytic converter within minutes, and it isn’t possible to manage them back to the vehicle from where they actually came. The payment of scrap metals and receiving thousands of amounts for the valuable metals condensed in it.

Nowadays, most of the people who are using vehicles on petrol have incorporated catalytic convertor in their cars, which fits on the exhaust hood to eliminate the poisonous and harmful particles from your car’s engine. If you want to do this, you should know that they are filled together, and most of them are very essential for the progression of your car. They consume a large amount of price tag, which intimates them to face the risk of theft.

According to the reports, the information acquired from various sources highlights that over 30$ of US mainstream police has unveiled over 30,000 cases of theft of catalytic converter in the past year. By reading all these stats and figures, people have worried about cultivating their lives and protecting their cars from theft. Now, the question arises can you drive without a catalytic converter? This trickling inquiry lets you read this article to find out the best possible ways to protect your car from catalytic converter theft. Let’s dive into the article to learn about the best methods to protect your car from catalytic converter theft:

1. Identify whether your Vehicle is targeted for theft

Always keep in mind that cars with less vehicular overhaul or emission rate are considered to be targeted very much. Because they consume catalytic converters comprising various elements that nurture the particles without causing any harm whilst leveraging the publicity of intruders or thieves.

High-end sports cars are usually regarded as the major target for thieves to steal such cars. It is very simple to get inside the vehicle instead of breaking up the mirrors. Often, thieves crack out the catalytic converter device and simply cut down the wires integrated with the vehicle’s battery.

2. Integrate a Clock against theft on your Catalytic Converter

You need to buy a cable to lock up a device which is very cheap to change a catalytic converter. Likewise, the wifi is connected to all the devices to prevent the catalytic converter, which is an essential aspect of your vehicle’s exhaust that operates beneath your vehicle. Some of the popular devices of your choice are as follows:

  • A shield which is fitted with steel is placed on the catalytic converter, which needs a sufficient amount of time and additional tools used for removal purposes.
  • The cages are built with high-graded and strengthened steel, which is very complicated to fit in the vehicle’s frame.
  • The cables which are protected from water are added from the catalytic converter to the vehicle’s frame.

The integrated shops with a customized integrated device to your vehicle. Although the integrated options should be prevented from the attachment of the catalytic converter instantly to the vehicle’s frame can create an alarming sound as the placed exhaust on the cylinder is properly hooked up or not. If not, your exhaust needs to get replaced from your car with another one that has proper buffers volumes placed altogether beneath the vehicle.

3. Spray on your Catalytic Converter

It is always preferable to spray your car with high-end paint on your vehicle’s catalytic converter, and then, you can easily signify your vehicle’s registration plate on the ground, which is painted. It ensures that it can be easily tracked in demonstration and practice as well. However, there are likely some reasons that your car painter might reject your offer to purchase it.

4. Check Vehicle Insurance Verification

You need to thoroughly check whether your vehicle is verified and insured, regardless of knowing that your vehicle has a registered number plate. Firstly, you need to cover the complete cycle of insurance that involves the insurance of your profound goods and liabilities, accidental facts and figures, and full-fledged rules and regulations that must be catered to replace your personal vehicle, you must ensure that your vehicle doesn’t have any additional tax or any expensed that is liable to be deducted. It is usually needed if you don’t have any option for an installment or leasing plan.

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