The Spirit of Florida: 6 Iconic Sights in Miami


Miami is closely connected with magnificent beaches and warm turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean. There really reigns a special atmosphere of celebration and lightness, which draws into its captivating embrace.

However, the city is not only a paradise for relaxation and fun. In Miami, there’re a large number of interesting places that expand the horizons and just bring pleasure.

So, let’s check out what to see in Miami. In order to get to these places, use a car, since this is the most convenient way of getting throughout Florida. With Easirent reviews at Fort Lauderdale you can find the best car at an affordable price when traveling to Miami.

Key West

key west postcard shot

If you are in Miami, then you definitely need to visit the famous Key West – the southernmost U.S. Island. Drive along a unique road that cuts the Atlantic Ocean, separating the Gulf of Mexico from it.

Key West Island is one of the most amazing places on our planet. Duval Street is the longest street in the world, running from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. Here you can buy souvenirs, take pictures at the southernmost point of America, as well as visit the aquarium with rare sea animals. Here’re the Little White House of President Truman, and the houses of such famous American writers as Tennessee Williams, Robert Frost, Ernest Hemingway, visited by thousands of tourists from around the world.


Design District

City View Parking Garage Miami Design District

What should street art fans visit in Miami? The answer is design district – picturesque and fairly quiet area of the city. The locals are mainly engaged in painting and design, thus even the walls and windows of the numerous art galleries, furniture stores and design studios are covered with original graffiti.

Every month there are large-scale celebrations with dancing and music are held in this area, which makes it a perfect holiday destination for those who like different festivities and colorful events.


Zoo Miami

Miami Metro Zoo

One of the most famous attractions in Miami is the local zoo. It belongs to large zoos in America: about 2,000 different species of animals live there.

In the USA, it’s the only tropical zoo capable of creating natural conditions for such a large number of species of exotic animals. It was here that the young, endangered species of black rhinos were born. It’s a home to not only the traditional animals of zoos, but also rare species: tigers, bears, lions, lizards, Cuban crocodiles, and gibbons.

Visitors are offered a fascinating show with drawing elephants, where animals, armed with brushes, work on easels to create masterpieces. In the vast territory of the zoo, you can move on bikes or monorail. Travel time of such a trailer is 30 minutes.


Freedom Tower

Miami: Freedom Tower at dusk

In the heart of the city on Biscayne Boulevard you’ll see the amazing 14-storey yellow and white building. The Freedom Tower, which stands out against the background of the other urban landscape, has become a recognizable symbol of Miami. Today, the Museum of Contemporary Art is open inside and the tower houses the offices of the Miami Dade College’s faculty of arts. In 1979, the tower was listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and in 2008 it was declared a National Historic Landmark.

Architecturally, the tower is an example of a Mediterranean renaissance, and some elements of its decoration were apparently borrowed from the Giralda tower in Seville, Spain. The dome of the tower is located at the height of 78 meters and features a beautiful lighthouse.


Miami Seaquarium


The oceanarium is located on Virginia Key Island, in the building of a giant three-story complex, on the shores of the Biscay Bay. Every day 8 different performances with the participation of the following animals are held there:

  • sea ​​sharks and lions;
  • killer whales and dolphins.

More than 500 thousand travelers visit it annually. The aquarium is home for the largest collection of 10 thousand animals. Its most famous marine celebrities are Dolphin Flipper and Killer Whale Lolita.


Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens-8.jpg

This is a historic national monument, built in 1916 by James Deering, an American entrepreneur. The building was built in the Mediterranean Renaissance style with elements of Baroque. The museum itself is complemented by fountains, sculptures and gardens.

The rooms are decorated with collections of masterpieces of fine art, as well as Renaissance furnishing.

Since 1953, the museum has become available for excursions. Since 1994 – it received the status of the Historic National Monument. Currently, 70 rooms of the museum are open to the public.

Vizcaya has been included in the list of 11 significant US historical sites threatened with destruction. This made it possible to impose a moratorium on the construction of large buildings in the surrounding areas.


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