It’s PLEASURE to Live in Toronto! WHY?


How much do you know about Toronto? This is one of the most multicultural cities and the best travel experience for you. It’s hard to believe but Torontonians speak more than 100 languages and dialects. So, what’s new as half of the population in Toronto was born outside Canada? Toronto just enjoys its reputation and welcomes every new member. Don’t forget that Toronto is not only a historical center and outskirts, but kilometers of tourist trails, waterfronts, parks outside the city. How can you get there?

Public transport is traditionally cheaper than owning a car. But you can rent a car that we all know can help you to avoid insurance, gas payment, and city parking fees. Hertz Toronto Union Station gives you the best car rental options. Many tourists and even Torontonians take this option to get around the city easily. Of course, sometimes it’s really difficult to find a parking place in such a huge overpeopled city. Nevertheless, you can use a special find-parking app to find a well-secured cheap parking near you. Everything is possible when use modern technologies!

U of T Library 4110


  1. Come and see Thomas Fisher Library

It doesn’t matter if you are book lovers or not, you should come to visit this unique library at least once in your life. Actually, this is your chance to meet one of the largest book collections in the world. It takes thousands of book tomes you can touch and read! It is not a museum where you can see and wonder how many books the library takes. All the books are free to touch and look through. It is said that the whole collection holds around 3 000 meters of ancient manuscripts! The old history books are one-of-a-kind!

  1. Come and see Casa Loma

This is a beautiful castle in the very heart of Toronto that everyone can see. There was time when it was a millionaire’s castle. Now, it is a museum and one of the most attractive places for tourists. Let’s look closer. There are so many amazing things around! Casa Loma still has many original features and attributes. First of all, come and see a huge castle library that takes more than 10 000 exemplars. Also, it would be interesting see a grand marble fountain made in form of kids holding a marble dolphin. A marble floor and glassy ceiling are a joy to see. You can walk in the garden and take some pictures on the back of flowers and garden statues.

  1. Come and see Leslieville’s Crazy Doll House

This is the most amazing place you can find in Toronto. Actually, it is not in Toronto but in its close neighborhood – Leslieville. You need to drive your car along the Lake Ontario to the East. What kind of city is it? Oh, it is a quiet town with long streets and single-family homes with charming gardens around. One of these houses will attract your attention for sure. It is called the Doll House. Actually, it’s not about the dolls only, but about the toys. The house and the yard are decorated with different old and new toys. The collection is often redone before the holidays or every season.

leslieville | subtle.


  1. Try sushi pizza

Do you like pizza? Of course, everyone likes pizza. How about sushi? If you love pizza and can’t live without sushi, you have a chance to eat two-in-one. Actually, it’s a kind of sushi, made in form of pizza. There is no sauce and cheese. The dish is made of fried rice, some topping, and fish. You can add wasabi and soy according to your taste. Not everyone can make this unique dish. You should look for it in the local Japanese restaurants.

  1. Try peameal bacon

Native Canadians like bacon. You should try a juicy pork meat rolled in cornmeal. Traditionally, Americans prefer ham bacon to pork loin. The peameal bacon is a Canadian specialty, invented here, in Toronto.

Witteveen Meats Ltd. Maple Glazed Back Bacon

  1. Try walnut cakes

As you know, Toronto is a multicultural city. There is one dish you should try during your Toronto trip. The dish came from Korea. In origin, in Korea, the baked walnuts are stuffed with red bean paste. But Torontonians invented something really new and creative. The dish is still baked in shale of walnuts, brown and crispy. The shells are stuffed with a soft mashed potato, some butter, and a bean paste. This is how Korean street food has become a popular Canadian dish. Try this!

Toronto is really worth seeing. It’s so huge that you need a week minimum to see everything. Probably, in a week, impressed by the city comfort and interests, you can feel the difference and answer the question Why does Toronto is one of the liveable cities in the world?!

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