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Ways to Eliminate Fatigue


Fatigue is among the most aggravating things in our lives. When we are fatigued, many facets of our lives will be affected. When people suffer from a constant state of fatigue, they won’t be able to function in a normal manner. Even a constant mild fatigue could be problematic in your daily lives. You will accomplish less and can’t think more clearly. If fatigue is a normal occurrence, you should do the following things:

  1. Check your blood pressure: If you have low blood pressure, it is possible that you feel weak all the time. Due to various reasons, your blood pressure can be lower than normal. Sometimes, blood pressure measurement can be inaccurate. Many people actually feel nervous when they go to hospital and get their blood pressure checked. In this situation, the reading can be higher than usual. If you are being slightly nervous and your blood reading is normal, there’s a chance that your blood pressure level is actually lower than that.
  2. Improve sleeping habits: It is considered ideal if you sleep about 8 hours each day. However, as people get older, they tend to sleep less each day. Many adults are very busy, which disrupt their sleeping habits. If you don’t sleep well each night, it could be the reason why you feel weak each day. When you have sleep deprivation the previous day, you won’t feel much refreshed if you sleep more today. If fatigue is a constant situation, you may need to take a nap 20 minutes and see whether this improves your condition.
  3. Check your medication: Some drugs could cause various side effects, including weakness, dizziness and fatigue. If you feel weak all the time, discuss with the doctor whether current medicines cause the problem. Even a simple cough syrup could cause you to feel drowsy and mildly fatigued.
  4. Don’t use computer for hours at a time: If you are in the same posture for a long time without tilting your head, you can feel extreme fatigue without realizing it. Once you move away from the desk, you will feel fatigued suddenly, without understanding why. You shouldn’t sit for more than an hour. Occasionally, you need to break away from the desk to rest your hands, neck muscles and eyes.
  5. Check whether you have cold: Common cold is indicated by the feeling fatigue. If there’s a flu outbreak in the area and you start to feel weak, then you should drink enough water and rest. If you ignore these symptoms, your flu can get worse and you will feel weaker. But, if you rest and take care of yourself before flu reaches its peak, you will recover much faster.
  6. Eat healthy and nourishing food: This is an obvious way of making you feeling energized. Reduce or eliminate red meat and high cholesterol ingredients from your diet. Instead, you should choose lean, white meat as the source of protein. Fish is a good source of good fat and protein. As always, you need to consume more veggies and fruits.

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