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Is Microwaved Food Healthy?


Microwave oven is very convenient; we could warm our food in just seconds. Unlike using regular oven, we don’t need to wait the microwave to heat up. However, you should already know that microwaving our food is not the most natural way. In reality, microwave oven doesn’t cook our food. It simply force atoms in our food to resonate at high frequency. As these atoms are shaken up, heat will build up and the food is “cooked”. When food is exposed to external heat, like fire, it’s structure will change. However, it doesn’t happen completely when we microwave our food.

In fact, microwaving our food could create dangerous compounds that will lead to various problems. Electromagnetic energy affects our food in a different way. Although there are no conclusive evidence about the risk of microwaved food, it’s a good thing to reduce our reliance on microwaved food. You should avoid microwaving your food whenever possible. It’s true that you can be quite busy and you don’t have the time to cook slow food. If you don’t have time, it’s better to choose food that requires minimum preparation effort and time. It’s an important thing to do, if you want to maintain long-term health.

It’s still acceptable to thaw food, using microwave, but it’s better to thaw frozen food naturally. If possible, you should never use plastic. It’s very dangerous to use plastic container when heating up food in microwave. When plastic is microwaved, it will release carcinogenic toxins into your food. This is especially true if your food contains a lot of oil and fat. The combination of plastic and high temperature will release dioxin. It’s a chemical that can cause cancer and it is easily absorbed by fat. Eventually, dioxins will find their way into our foods, making cancer more likely to happen. When you heat up food, you should use ceramic or glass containers.

It’s obviously a bad idea to heat up baby’s milk in plastic bottles. Instead, you should consider giving your children breast milk. Based on tests, when breast milk is microwaved, essential substances will break down. You will be able to improve the immune system of your child by giving breast milk. Another problem with microwave is that there will be hotspots and coldspots. Microwave oven doesn’t heat up things evenly. If you want to warm up milk, you should do it less aggressively. Place the milk inside a container and place the container inside a saucepan that’s filled with hot water.

The milk will heat up more slowly and it won’t be damaged. Yes, it’s more time consuming and it’s a hassle. But it’s absolutely much better for your baby. If you want to reduce reliance to microwave oven, you should plan ahead and determine things that you should do. Also, microwaving food doesn’t result in good tasting food. When warming up pastry in a microwave it will become a mushy heap that’s soggy and soft. When you use normal oven, it will come out crunchy and crisp.

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