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How to Reduce Reliance on Chemicals When Solving Body Odor Problems


When people have body odor problems, it’s more likely for them to rely on perfumes and antiperspirants. However, we could harm our body if we expose ourselves to various chemicals. In reality, we shouldn’t despise our body’s need to perspire. It’s a way to keep ourselves cool and remove certain waste products. It’s actually a way to keep the inside of our body clean. Antiperspirant could disrupt the natural mechanism of our body. If you use antiperspirant too often, some health issues may emerge. Instead of relying on these unnatural methods, you should look for other, safer ways.

Sweat is actually an odourless fluid and it doesn’t directly cause body odor. However, when sweat evaporates, it makes our skin a warm, humid habitat for bacteria to grow. This will leave unpleasant smell on armpits that are warm and humid, with little air circulation. If you wear synthetic clothes that prevent proper aeration, body odor problem will become worse. On a square inch of humid skin, there could be about half a million of bacteria. Sweat leaves organic residue on our skin that can be digested by bacteria. The byproduct of this process could cause putrid and strong smell.

First of all, you should stop using antiperspirant and deodorants too often. They will only reinforce the problem, because the lymphatic system is blocked off. If you perspire less, toxins will remain in your body and dispersed to other parts of the body. When toxins accumulate in soft breast tissue, it could cause lump and worse, breast cancer. So, it’s more important to regularly wash affected areas with organic natural soap. Plant-based active substances can help to disinfect your skin naturally, without exposing yourself to additional toxins. If it’s particularly hot during the day, you may take a bath more often.

Instead of preventing the perspiration process, you should make it less necessary for your body to perspire. If your skin is not properly aerated, you will sweat more than necessary. So, it’s a good idea to wear cotton clothes they are loose fitting. Synthetic materials prevent good air circulation. Water vapour will be trapped under the clothing and your skin will stay wet and warm. This is a perfect environment for bacteria to grow quickly. If you sweat a lot, you may need to the rest room and use a dry cotton cloth to wipe the sweat. Use another cotton cloth that is slightly damp to remove any sweat residue off your skin. This is a lot better than trying to mask body odor using perfume or deodorant.

Constant exposure to chemicals on your skin could cause birth defects and serious allergies. We often find potentially dangerous chemicals in various products, including artificial musk and highly toxic phthalates. These chemicals could act like estrogens when absorbed into our body. An abnormal level of estrogen could cause cancer. Synthetic musk could be associated with cancer, hormonal disruption and skin irritation. So, you should look for the safest way to ensure that you remain healthy for a long time.

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