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How to Have Better Posture?


Good posture could actually determine your quality of life. With good posture, you can have more balanced life and will experience less pain in later years: Here are common benefits of maintaining good posture throughout your life:

  • Perform better in sports and exercises
  • Younger and healthier appearance
  • Improved breathing performance
  • More confidence and physical strength.
  • Less strain on joints, nerves and muscles

Bad posture could happen due to repeated life habit over a lifetime. Many of us do not aware that we have poor posture, until we experience pain and restricted movement. If you want to assess your posture, here are things that you should be aware of:

  • Rounded back
  • Head protruding forward
  • Drooping shoulders and chests
  • Tilted hips and pelvis
  • Collapsed feet arches
  • Elevated shoulder and hip
  • Slightly rotated torso when sitting, standing up and walking

For better assessment results, you need to consult a professional who can diagnose and rehabilitate any bad posture. These professionals may include osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, personal trainers and remedial masseurs. When working with these people, make sure that they are certified by local agencies. Reasons for irregular movement patterns are varied and wide, they may include:

  • Poor ergonomics when standing, sitting and sleeping
  • Skeletal and muscle imbalance
  • Undiagnosed or improperly treated injuries
  • Inappropriate or poor techniques during sports activities and exercise

For better life quality, you should try to improve your posture. Improving posture may mean changing or improving your habits. You could end up looking and feeling better, if you change your habits and posture. You can change some by yourself, but for others, you may need to get some help from professionals. Here are things that you should do:

  • Find the neutral alignment: Personal trainers and practitioners should be able to determine your neutral alignment. At first, adopting a neutral alignment may seem uncomfortable or unnatural, but that’s because you have a poor posture for years that alter your muscle and skeletal balance.
  • Maintain your posture: You need to constantly maintain your posture. Get into the habit of monitoring your posture at least a few times each day. This will become a new habit and you will constantly try to correct any bad posture. A good way to remind yourself is by attaching the post-it note in the car or on the computer monitor.
  • Vary your position: Having a proper posture doesn’t mean that you need to walk and sit rigidly. Inflexible posture is also bad for your body. When you walk or sit down, you should try to be flexible and have varied movements. It takes practice to combine good posture and proper flexibility.
  • Improve your hips: Inflexible or weak hip muscles could cause your lower back and pelvis to get misaligned. You should strengthen and stretch you rotator muscles, adductors, extensors, hip flexor. Any personal trainer and gym instructor can tell you what strengthening and stretching methods that you should use.

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