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Could Apricot Kernels Cure Cancer?


Apricot kernels are believed to provide various health benefits and it may contain a controversial vitamin, called amygdalin or vitamin B17. Amygdalin may be effective in keeping cancer at bay and treating people who already have the disease. Amygdalin is consisted of two glucose molecules, one cyanide molecule and one benzaldehyde molecule. This may sound like a toxic industrial by-product, by amygdalin is believed to be a potential cure for cancer. In fact, the cyanide component of amygdalin may be responsible in killing dangerous cancer cells. Many cancer patients may risk their health by participating in various alternative therapies. Some of the methods could actually bogus cures, intended to steal money from sick individuals.

There’s a concern that using apricot kernel regularly could increase the level of cyanide in our body to a dangerous level. In general, we shouldn’t consume more than a couple bitter apricot kernels each day. The Cancer Research UK has warned that consuming apricot seeds to cure cancer may not be true. Consumers can make informed judgment only if there are confirmations from researchers and experts. The conventional view is that tumor, cancer and rapid tissue growth are treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy, immunotherapy, hormonal therapy and surgery. Unfortunately, cancer can’t easily be eradicated by physically removing it from our body or shrinking its size. In some cases, cancer may already spread to other areas or metastasize.

Based on alternative healing theory, cancer is considered as a symptom of natural imbalance in our body. It’s not really seen as the actual disease. It means that if we correct the underlying problem, the abnormal growth will subside and it will be reabsorbed by our body. In reality, about 80 percent of abnormal growth in our body isn’t cancerous and 20 percent is potentially cancerous. With proper methods, the affected cells should be eradicated and replaced with new, healthy cells. Instead of fighting against cancer, it is much better if you boost your defense against it. One of the lines of defense against cancerous growth is a group of substance called nitrilosides.

Nitrilosides are found in about 800 types of food. In fact, nitrilosides contain amygdalin or vitamin B17. Cancer cells are effective because they have an unlocking enzyme called beta glycosidase. When the unlocking enzyme meets amygdalin, it will be neutralized. It’s interesting to know that only cancerous cells have beta glycosidade, so they can be easily identified. Once the enzyme is neutralized, cancerous cells will stop to grow and spread. It’s a fact that cancer can be cured using various methods. However, a person who had cancer before has higher probability of getting again, because they are considered as risky individuals.

There’s a possibility that nitriloside foods contribute in ensuring the natural balance of our body, although how they work may not be fully known yet. Among nitriloside foods, bitter apricot kernels are known for their high level of amygdalin or vitamin B17. It could be too soon to say that cancer can be cured by amygdalin, like the way vitamin C cures scurvy. However, by eating healthy foods, we may keep diseases at bay. It’s also important to reduce exposure of toxins in our body. Processed foods, tap water, air pollution, chemical cleaning products and others could introduce chemicals into our body.

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