Economic Indicators That Control the Forex Market


Since the Forex trading market is based on the exchange rates’ movements between different currencies, the market has been affected by every country’s economic status. The impact of economic conditions on the country’s currency rates is known as economic indicators. To determine them, the world’s central banks use a variety of different tools. Forex also works on determining how currency prices change when one country’s economy transforms.

How it affects the Forex market

Economic Indicators can either be positive or negative. For instance, a country that suffers from a natural disaster such as a hurricane will adversely affect its currency values. This means when one country experiences a financial collapse, the values of that country’s currency will go down. Conversely, if a country’s economy experiences a positive change in its currency value, the value will go up. Several indicators can be caused by political turmoil. These signals can be both positive and negative.

Major Economic Indicators

The release of new economic information in the market always waggles the stock market. Different indicators measure various parts of the market, but what all of them have in common is that they all measure the same thing simultaneously. There are several major allusions that you need to watch out for. Some of them can make a difference, such as employment reports, inflation metrics, and sentiment surveys. To know more about these major economic indicators, you may visit Saxo capital markets. Read premium articles and try to learn fundamental analysis so that you can make better decisions.

Employment Report

The Employment Reports is perhaps the most effective way to measure the States’ economy. These reports are the latest, quarterly, or annual economic indicators on the state’s economy and its performance relative to the national and global economy. The three most common categories that can be found in employment reports on Economic Indicators include the gross domestic product (GDP), gross value-added, and total payroll. All of these different pointers provide different insights into the state’s economy and performance compared to the national and global economy.

Inflation Metrics

Many people are not aware of inflation metrics and what they can do for you. Some may not even realize there is such a thing as inflation, let alone that it can be measured in various ways. Inflation metrics are one of the important indicators in Forex. It is mainly measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that defines the change in the prices of items related to the basic cost of living, namely: food, gas, clothing, shelter, and other necessities.

By looking at the CPI, an investor will be able to determine how inflation affected the level of money in circulation, which is vital in the determination of economic stability. There is another inflation measurement, which is the Producer Price Index (PPI). It reflects the wholesale inflation of goods in the market.

Sentiment Surveys

Sentiment surveys have become an essential part of the financial industry in the world. Investors collect information related to sentiment surveys and use this information to understand what changes are coming in the future. This survey helps assess many components such as employment, prices paid, new orders, and backlogs. But be careful while assessing such survey data. Unless it is from an authentic source, you should not ever rely on such data during the trade execution process.

The Forex market acts as a central hub of exchange between various countries. This makes it very popular for investors from all over the world. Major indicators are statistical numbers picture how the economy’s doing. These can be either positive or negative. The current financial conditions have a double effect when measured by economic indicators, first when announced, and secondly when compared with the predictions made by analysts. Traders always make their move fast according to the situation to stay ahead of their competitors.

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